Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen


Action / Comedy / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 955


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Michelle Pfeiffer as Cordelia
Angie Dickinson as Dragon Queen
Roddy McDowall as Gillespie
Brian Keith as Police Chief
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by X X 1 / 10

Comedy? Mystery? Neither!

The short version: If you want to turn the sound off and look at Michelle Pfeiffer at some of her her dead sexiest shots, I'd give it a B. If not, it's a straight F, and I'm not talking the 59% kind of F--I'm talking the 0% kind of F.

The long version: Waaaahooooo. Words fail me. I had to look long and hard to find a redeeming aspect of this movie, and the sole item I came up with is the casting of Ustinov as Chan. My girlfriend is a die-hard Charlie Chan fan and she was dozing blissfully halfway through.

Writing: Did this picture even have writers? You know the game on Whose Line Is It Anyway where they all improvise a scene or musical on the spot? This entire movie seemed like that, as if they all loaded up on blow and improvised their over-the-top dialogue and gestures. If you repackaged "Rat Race" and called it a mystery, this might be what you'd end up with.

Casting: This movie is a career low for virtually everyone in it. To outdo the miscasting in this flick, you'd have to have John Leguizamo as Moses. Richard Hatch in a Jerry-Lewis-type capacity simply doesn't work, especially after you've watched "Battlestar Galactica". Brian Keith's role as a cop with Tourettes makes his Hardcastle and McCormick days look like Oscar material. Why have Angie Dickinson even involved if you're not going to exploit her good looks? They could just as easily have used Cloris Leachman.

I thought I'd seen the worst movie ever made after "Batman and Robin", but I may be rethinking that now. This flick was a pointless fart grenade.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 3 / 10

No fan of the Ustinov Chan.

This parody of the classic 1930's and 40's detective series features a great cast but obviously is taking so much pride in its "cleverness" that it doesn't realize how funny it ain't. Chan, having been hysterically spoofed as one of the detectives in "Murder By Death" (with a name change), tries to take Peter Ustinov into another mystery series after the success of "Death on the Nile". Ustinov's all right, but the story is ridiculously silly, poorly written and only has a few moments that can be called knee snapping funny.

What is there is one of the oldest plot lines in mystery: who killed the patriarch of a wealthy family, leaving behind widow Lee Grant (who still talks to his ashes as if he could hear her), an evil mistress (Angie Dickinson in the ugliest wig and makeup imaginable), some weird servants (Roddy McDowall as a hovearound riding butler who deliberately defies orders) and Rachel Roberts as the neurotic maid. Then, there's Richard Hatch as honorable grandson #1, a product of the marriage of Ustinov's son and Grant's daughter seemingly deceased or traveling the world, but lucky not to be included in the script.

The film concentrates mainly on farce, showing a scene where Hatch unknowingly destroys all of San Francisco's Chinatown, and a wild ride through Golden Gate park with idiotic cop Brian Keith chasing Dickinson. A young Michelle Pfeiffer plays Hatch's floozie girlfriend whom grandma Grant despises. This one is so bad it has to be seen to be believed, but I must admit that for all its incredible awfulness, I found it surprisingly watchable. But then, I also enjoyed the huge bomb "Haunted Honeymoon" with Dom De Luise in drag, so what do I know?

Reviewed by gridoon2018 5 / 10

Very uneven comic revival of Charlie Chan

This attempt to update Charlie Chan to the 1980s and give him a comic bent is highly uneven: there is a load of misplaced, unfunny slapstick in it, and some big names in the cast are terribly wasted. I am a fan of Peter Ustinov (who made this in between my two favorite Poirots) and he is delightful here, but he almost seems like a supporting actor in his own movie; too much of the screen time goes to the ineffectual Richard Hatch as his "number one grandson" (Brian Keith is also very annoying as a loudmouthed police chief). The film is more successful when it sticks closer to the spirit of the original Chan films: I am referring to the b&w flashback sequence and the "clue of the fork in the tea cup", as well as the climactic gathering of the suspects for the unmasking of the "Bizarre Killer", who is, indeed, rather well-camouflaged. But as a comedy, it has very few laughs; for a funnier take on a Charlie Chan-type of detective, see "Murder By Death". ** out of 4.

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