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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Hugh Jackman as Vincent Moore
Sharlto Copley as Chappie
Sigourney Weaver as Michelle Bradley
Dev Patel as Deon Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Keaton 2 / 10


The basic storyline should have been OK - gangsters steal a police robot that happens to be an AI prototype, and reprograms/trains it to act for them - helped by the AI expert. However it is nonsense that the AI expert having been kidnapped, beaten up and then released by the gangsters, keeps returning to them and his robot again and again, effectively assisting the gangsters. He does this out of of love for his AI prototype (which has a ridulously cute personality) and his wish to teach it art and poetry. It does not occur to him to inform the police of the theft and the gangsters whereabouts, nor to the gangsters that he might do so. SInce the stolen robot is physically a standard model, and the AI program looks like it is on an SD card, you wonder why the AI expert could not have continued his experiments with another robot another time. Did he fail to keep a copy of the AI software?

Reviewed by syedsafwaan 5 / 10

VFX , Characters too Good But No Storyline

Please Make Sequel but a good story...why criminals has the story...I expected a lot first... if hugh develops enemy robots and dev patel develops good robots ..both of them will fight against with some emotional's , twists , humanity etc with robots might have been worked well..No worries you can improve in sequel with this storyline.. Thank you

Reviewed by john robinson (xtreme2252) 2 / 10

What if Jar Jar Binks was a ROBOT?!?

Neill Blomkamp created a masterpiece; a film that perfectly balanced visually stunning effects with a compelling plot and characters, and that film was District 9. Then came the shallow mess that was Elysium that while lacking a likeable protragonist still managed to be a treat to the eyes at the very least.

Then came Chappie. I really wanted to like Chappie, a lot. Some of the best ideas are the simplest, and in spite of the negative reception I could see much potential in a twisted comedy action film about a good-willed robot being trained by scumbags. This isn't the case with this film. Many of the elements I had expected were in play, however the tone was relentlessly sinister and dour where a more levitous approach would have been vastly more interesting. The film feels too mean-spirited to be enjoyable.

The gangsters Chappie finds himself involved with are beyond trashy in the worst kind of way, and upon realization that they would be a large portion of the next 2 hours of my life, I was filled with dread. Chappie isn't flawless himself - his benevolence going against any notion I have of "realistic" robots. Chappie is quite simply a human character placed in the husk of a robot, and once I got past that I soon found myself annoyed with the repetitive scenes of Chappie in peril and confusion, always responding with squawking and sulking, giving me that feeling I have when I'm being beaten over the head with a message, only it seems the message is missing.

Hugh Jackman plays a one-dimensional baddie not unlike what you'd get in a Saturday morning cartoon. His only motivation is that his weapons were shafted in favor of the crime-fighting robots, so then he turns to terrorism I guess. I guess this is where that missing message is; mean people are bad, and you should just be a good person, and robots are people too.

Everything in this film is simply surface level, when the only way it could have had a chance is by being deep - higher highs, lower lows, and stronger motivations.

The worst part is I feel like the film ended right when the story was just getting started. There's a chance for something here, but this trilogy is otherwise dead on arrival.

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