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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Hugh Jackman as Vincent Moore
Sharlto Copley as Chappie
Sigourney Weaver as Michelle Bradley
Dev Patel as Deon Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by myl kavas 4 / 10

District 9 meets Dumb and Dumber

There seems to be vast polarization amongst film viewers on this one. I went to the theater with an open mind despite seeing reviews from both camps. After viewing the movie to the end, I walked out somewhat baffled by what I'd watched.

The first impression, ten minutes in, was that the dialog was written by a twelve year old child, maybe ten. Characterizations likewise seemed so utterly juvenile. Fine. Whatever. So it's a kids movie? Right? Wrong! Blood and guts, adult themes, and really immature gangsters portrayed as somehow likable. Horrible script!

What is this? Disney gone wrong? There was such a discordant note running through this mess. Are film-makers really so desperate for revenue that they stoop to lowly marketing ploys? Are adults dumbed down to the extent of enjoying such ploys? I'm thinking it's decrepit marketing. "Let's just bandwidth the audience to the lowest common denominator,"said the executive producers.

Terri is a much better writer than this...this...train-wreck deserves. District 9 had an adult theme and appropriate dialog. This film did not meet both criteria. Now I understand the critical reviews stating this film as a failure in execution. Insulting to adults, detrimental to kids.

Shame on you Neill Blomkamp. You let us down in many ways. Minus many stars for wasting, insulting exceptional talent. 4/10 only for amazing production values and CGI. Everything else is garbage, including the choice to have Chappie's AI "learn" in a totally absurd manner. That's all.

Reviewed by John Keaton 2 / 10


The basic storyline should have been OK - gangsters steal a police robot that happens to be an AI prototype, and reprograms/trains it to act for them - helped by the AI expert. However it is nonsense that the AI expert having been kidnapped, beaten up and then released by the gangsters, keeps returning to them and his robot again and again, effectively assisting the gangsters. He does this out of of love for his AI prototype (which has a ridulously cute personality) and his wish to teach it art and poetry. It does not occur to him to inform the police of the theft and the gangsters whereabouts, nor to the gangsters that he might do so. SInce the stolen robot is physically a standard model, and the AI program looks like it is on an SD card, you wonder why the AI expert could not have continued his experiments with another robot another time. Did he fail to keep a copy of the AI software?

Reviewed by syedsafwaan 5 / 10

VFX , Characters too Good But No Storyline

Please Make Sequel but a good story...why criminals has the story...I expected a lot first... if hugh develops enemy robots and dev patel develops good robots ..both of them will fight against with some emotional's , twists , humanity etc with robots might have been worked well..No worries you can improve in sequel with this storyline.. Thank you

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