Chalet Girl


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Tamsin Egerton as Georgie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by felix-wyderka 7 / 10

A movie about skiing and having fun and being yourself

I very much enjoy British movies and this is a particularly good one. Felicity Jones is as charming as ever and in a role totally different from what we have seen so far. Her snowboarding skills are impressive too although most of the stunts probably were done by a stunt woman. "Chalet Girl" is a charming movie about a young girl who like some of us struggles with life until a big opportunity presents itself. Once Kim is out in Austria the movie starts. This movie is a rather a TV-movie made for a quiet day at home with your family than for the big screen and that is exactly how it feels and that is good. And while there is no major tension or excitement the movie still doesn't disappoint. The charm and quirkiness of all the characters makes this so enjoyable to watch. Especially the German and Austrian actors have some funny one liners and make the feel genuine. I really got the feeling of a real skiing holiday while watching this movie and it made want to put on mine. The fact that most things feel so authentic and are exactly like they are on real ski- runs makes the movie even better. Long story short "Chalet Girl" is lovely movie about skiing and having fun and just being yourself.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 7 / 10

Hoping for a better job and pay, instead she discovered herself.

I think it was a much better film. I just wanted a good entertainment and I got that. Though the story is not fresh enough. In fact, it is comparable to the recent sports-biopic, I mean that came much later to this, 'Eddie the Eagle'. Looks even the filmed location was same. Quite similar theme when it comes to the sporting events, but there's a wide gap on how it was played and by whom.

From the director of 'All about Steve'. Firstly, it was a sport film and then romance attached to it in the required opening slot. So pretty inspiring to focus on something in our life to reach the heights. There's no shortcuts, it's always a hard work. In the film, that concept was funnily told. Encountering a new world, and discovering new things. It includes friendship, love and dedication in what one believes in.

Great cast, except the love interest of Felicity Jones. He wasn't bad, but the chemistry did not work, even in the short span of their romance in the tale. Anyway, the romance parts were too cliché, but neglectable as it has little value. Because there are other reasons to like the film. The stunts are not extraordinary, just simple and realistic. The film will work for most of the people if they're not expecting too much. This is not some chick flick, a better film than that.


Reviewed by Tom Hughes 8 / 10

Awfully cliché and very feel good

It shames me to admit it but this film, despite being utterly predictable and terribly cliché is, heartwarming, funny and very feel good. I enjoyed it more than I'm proud of. I only watched the film because of Bill Nighy is in it who although only having a small part to play, plays it very well (obviously). The film is based around a snowboarding competition entered by Kim (Felicity Jones) having never snowboarded but previously being a skateboarding prodgy (you'll understand after you watch the film). Despite this being the theme of the film, the backstory romance becomes more of the film than the boarding.

The humour is very dry and very British, everything is a bit awkward but this is clearly intended and adds a touch of realness to the film despite how predictable everything is.

Basically if you're looking through the comments to find out if you should watch it; then if it's a Sunday afternoon or you have a few hours to kill then I say yes. You certainly won't regret it, it's easy to watch and fun. If you're looking for a film to work your brain however, this is definitely not it.

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