Certain Women



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
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Kristen Stewart as Elizabeth Travis
Michelle Williams as Gina Lewis
Laura Dern as Laura Wells
Jared Harris as Fuller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amheretojudge 7 / 10

what's wrong with me..

Certain Women

The problem that itches throughout the course of these kind of movies is that it focuses on separate characters individually and the audience might not have the reason to hold on to it all the way to the end if there is nothing binding them all but still the writer-director Kelly Reichardt's attempt is plausible as the first hour runs by smoothly. Laura Dern's part which is the first act is smartly written with gripping screenplay whilst Michelle William's has a mild tone to it at which point the film may lose the audience only to pick up onto its final act which is intriguing enough to invest in it. All the actors are at their best, offering stellar performances on screen with great supporting cast (one would hope that they all better share a screen). Certain Women has a great concept, excellent execution, stellar performances with a bit slow but gripping screenplay but lacks a genuine soul in it.

Reviewed by proud_luddite 7 / 10

A good and unique indie film

In rural / small-town Montana, three stories interact: a lawyer (Laura Dern) seems unable to set boundaries with an ex-client (Jared Harris) who is unhinged and deranged; a rather uptight woman (Michelle Williams) tries to find motivation in building a new home even though her husband and teenage daughter are growing more and more distant from her; a young rancher (Lily Gladstone) is infatuated with a recent law graduate (Kristen Stewart) who arrives in her town twice a week to teach an educational law night class.

"Certain Women" is written and directed by Kelly Reichardt and based on short stories by Maile Meloy. Like other Reichardt films (her best is "Meek's Cutoff" (2010)), this one tells so much in the unspoken word - where a silent reply says so much more than a bluntly worded statement. She is blessed with a superb cast who can make the viewer feel so much with a camera lingering on their faces.

It's tempting to think "nothing is happening" at the beginning of each segment. But once viewers catch on to Reinhardt's unique style, they can see that a lot is actually happening. The Gladstone/Stewart story stands out for various reasons and not just the great acting (Gladstone rightly won many awards for her performance). It provides a great re-telling of the tragic story of someone having a crush on another who aspires to be (or already is) in a higher class in the socioeconomic hierarchy.

Their story, like the others, have a theme of loneliness and isolation even for those who are surrounded by people. This film has a special and unique charm that is quite rewarding.

Reviewed by jbriskey-30546 1 / 10

Only a movie critic could love this pointless boring failure.

Boring pointless nonsense. No plot. Unpleasant characters about which we know nothing and so care nothing about, doing nothing interesting, in unpleasant uninteresting surroundings for no discernable reasons. Who cares? One of the worst movies we ever tried to watch. And, don't bother trying to turn up the brightness on your TV, the dismal cinematography is as dim as the characters portrayed. Gave it up after 45 minutes. Using your time instead to clean the trash cans will be more entertaining. Some critics say this movie is great because it shows "real" people, like all of us. We go to the movies to avoid people like us. If you listen to anything a movie "critic" says (like we did), you/we deserve a turkey like this.

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