Certain Women



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 8190


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Kristen Stewart as Elizabeth Travis
Michelle Williams as Gina Lewis
Laura Dern as Laura Wells
Jared Harris as Fuller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by superoldies 1 / 10

2 hours you can't get back.

When I saw high reviews for this, my wife & I settled in to be entertained. So we waited, and waited...being from a small town I thought perhaps I could relate. Not many people will "get this" movie. Follow 3 small town people around for a day or two. Exciting? Not at all. Something's gotta happen soon!.....end credits. Pretty much every day life for some of us, nothing exciting, as much drama as watching the neighbor let the dog out...and sometimes that's more interesting than this film was.

Apparently this is one of the director's best works. I'll dust off the cobwebs, and skip those other movies as this was a complete aimless bore. Just one opinion from a speechless movie fan that was waiting to be entertained and would have had more fun watching paint dry. The only people that will find this compelling & entertaining (you have to be pretty damn desperate) is someone who has never lived in a small town, or the Mid-West, and then you probably won't understand it. To think money was spent producing such an empty plate, is beyond me.

Reviewed by elodie-guerin 1 / 10

Teenagers could have made a better film

If you think the trailer is cryptic and "i need to see that movie to see what it's all about", don't. Really. Do. Not.

I just saw the movie in the theatre and it's exactly like the trailer. No story, no music, no real message and no link between the lives of these four women except that each of them is supremely boring. At the end of it, most people were laughing like me, kind of stung, baffled, at the lack of action at the beginning, the middle and even the end.

For the LGBT community, nothing interesting to see there either.

Save your money and go see something else.

Reviewed by amheretojudge 7 / 10

what's wrong with me..

Certain Women

The problem that itches throughout the course of these kind of movies is that it focuses on separate characters individually and the audience might not have the reason to hold on to it all the way to the end if there is nothing binding them all but still the writer-director Kelly Reichardt's attempt is plausible as the first hour runs by smoothly. Laura Dern's part which is the first act is smartly written with gripping screenplay whilst Michelle William's has a mild tone to it at which point the film may lose the audience only to pick up onto its final act which is intriguing enough to invest in it. All the actors are at their best, offering stellar performances on screen with great supporting cast (one would hope that they all better share a screen). Certain Women has a great concept, excellent execution, stellar performances with a bit slow but gripping screenplay but lacks a genuine soul in it.

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