Cemetery Man


Comedy / Horror

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Rupert Everett as Francesco Dellamorte
Maddalena Ischiale as Franco's Nurse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sam Panico 9 / 10

The purest of love!

Throughout the 1990's, Michele Soavi kept the traditions of Italian horror alive. Starting as an actor in films like Aliens 2: On Earth, City of the Living Dead, Demons and New York Ripper, Soavi would also become an assistant director to greats such as Dario Argento (Tenebrae, Phenomena), Lamberto Bava (Blastfighter and the previously mentioned Demons) and Terry Gilliam (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and The Brothers Grimm). Finally, he'd graduate to creating his own films, including Stage Fright, The Sect and The Church.

Cemetery Man is based on Tiziano Sclavi's novel Dellamorte Dellamore (the best translation is "About Death, About Love"). Sclavi also created the comic book Dylan Dog, whose protagonist looks exactly like this film's star Rupert Everett (and which was also made into a 2011 film).

Francesco Dellamorte (Rupert Everett, My Best Friend's Wedding) takes care of the Buffalora cemetery. He lives in a shack, with death and his mentally challenged assistant Gnaghi his only friends. Quite frankly, his life sucks. Young punks in town tell everyone he's impotent. And his only hobbies are putting together a skull shaped puzzle and crossing out dead people's names in the telephone book.

That said, he has a hell of a job to do. The gates of the cemetery read "For those who will rise again," and after a week, the dead rises from their graves, ready to kill the living. Francesco must kill them when they rise, even if no one wants to hear what a problem he's facing. Again, the townspeople think he's a moron, the mayor doesn't care and, according to Franco, the town's book keeper, he'd have to do a ton of paperwork if he really wanted the help.

While watching a funeral, Dellamorte falls in love with a widow. He waits for her to visit the graveside of her dead husband, then takes her on a tour of the grounds. As they have sex on the graves, her dead spouse rises and fatally bites her. Or maybe it's a heart attack. Or maybe she isn't even dead. That said, seven days later, she also rises from the dead and Dellamorte must put her down as well.

Meanwhile, Gnaghi falls in love with the mayor's daughter, Valentina. Even when she's decapitated, he won't fall out of love, instead digging up her head and starting up a romance. And the widow rises again, leading Dellamorte to believe that he was the one who killed her, not her husband. This causes him to either go insane or to begin seeing the truth, as the Angel of Death appears to him, begging him to stop killing the dead and only kill the living.

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Reviewed by christopher-underwood 9 / 10

It looks fantastic

The first half of this film is just so good that it had me smiling, laughing and virtually applauding, even sat on my settee. It looks fantastic, the cemetery is as you dream they might be, the dialogue is far better than would expect in this genre and it is very funny with a fantastic performance from Rupert Everett in surely his greatest. Oh and it also makes you jump, has crazy gore, lots of kills and is very, very sexy. So, nothing really goes wrong and the film remains very good but once the emphasis is less upon the confines of the cemetery and we go outside to become involved with the Major and the question of his re-election and the local yobs, it is just not quite as delirious. In fairness the delirium of the first 45 or so minutes probably couldn't be kept up and maybe one would wear of it anyway so I shouldn't be too hard. Great film!

Reviewed by skybrick736 8 / 10

Cemetery Man (8/10)

Cemetery Man, a low budget Italian horror flick, puts a meaningful spin to the zombie genre. There is a deep philosophical approach to the notion humans are "working to die" instead of "working to live". Cemetery Man is a movie that you can mold it to whatever you want it to be, which in turn makes a great movie because anybody can relate to something different. There isn't a lot of explanations to events that happen throughout the film so if you're one of those that needs something straight forward this isn't a film entirely for you. Rupert Everett did a fantastic job portraying Francesco Dellamorte adding to the somber depressing atmosphere of the film. The ending is a bit abrupt but if you can manage to find solace with the film's message you'll be able to truly enjoy the grim, horrific film that is Cemetery Man.

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