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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sailormoon118 8 / 10

Not too bad

If this is all fake can I "Catfish" Nev next? Cuz WOW he's cute! Plus I'm mostly honest when talking to random strangers online.

In all seriousness, fake or real I think this does two things really well. First, it examines the character's lives in a way that really feels reliable to the audience.The second thing it does well is give a bit of a face to most parent's fears about social media, but it does it in a not abductor rape kind of way.

All in all I enjoyed it's plot very much, although personally I'm not a fan of the hand held "amateur documentary" style of film making. It makes this feel a little like a found footage horror flick even though it isn't.

Reviewed by Asif Khan (asifahsankhan) 8 / 10

Just because a film doesn't feature buckets of blood doesn't mean it's not tense, or frightening. . .

When a film gets called "the best Alfred Hitchcock film that Alfred Hitchcock never made" in its trailer, it has a lot to live up to. And– watching the trailer– it's clear that Catfish definitely has the potential to be one darkly entertaining documentary.

Just because a film doesn't feature buckets of blood doesn't mean it's not tense, or frightening, or that people aren't being gutted. Just because the trailers trade on the trappings of the thriller genre doesn't mean that Catfish is any less thrilling or tension- filled (almost unbearably so in some moments) to sit through. And lemme tell ya: it's not "FAKE1!!!!!1″, and it's not a Mock-monetary. Catfish is the real deal, and anyone that tells you otherwise clearly hasn't seen the film in its entirety yet. I'm warning you now: stay far away from those that would seek to spoil this film for you, and ignore the claims that it isn't real.

Catfish — demonstrates that the internet and in this case Facebook allows users to not only share content, but to also steal content; to poach photos, videos, music and more and re-purpose it for their own use. The current explosion of content on the internet and social networks provides users with the ability to pluck content off the web and create an entire identity with stolen information.

Reviewed by Hansi Solo 8 / 10

Is it fake?

David Fincher's The Social Network imagined the genesis of Facebook as a painful breakup experienced by its inventor, Mark Zuckerberg, and shrewdly suggested that Facebook's popularity lies in allowing its users to regulate their contact with other people, to present and manipulate an image of themselves in ways previously available only to celebrities. This is the creepy side of Facebook and the web in general, amplified in Catfish. I don't think Catfish is a fake: the hidden story is all too plausible. But I do get the sense that Nev and the directors suspected or maybe even discovered the exact truth far earlier than they are letting on here. But never mind. Catfish keeps you on the edge of the seat, and it's an eerie introduction to a new web-driven emotion. Staring into the computer picture of other people's lives is like gazing into an abyss: you get digital vertigo.

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