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Ivana Milicevic as Rachel
Anne Heche as Ashley
Sandra Oh as Veronica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by axapvov 7 / 10

Makes "The Duellists" look like a child´s play.

I think it was Kapuscinski who wrote "war is but a series of revenges with an untraceable origin", then there´s Gandhi and his famous "eye for an eye and the world will go blind". Some might despise this film for being such an obvious allegory but it´s just too rich. It might lose some balance at times between its despicable characters and their meaning but nonetheless, it does work on both levels, personally and globally. A tight structure allows the film to expose its point with sharpness and confidence. It´s able to settle years of war debate in a 30 seconds piece of dialogue. It goes from social critique to symbolism to downright comedy in a matter of seconds, totally in control.

Comically, it works, oh yes. There´s something oddly funny about two people grudging obsessively over the years. I think "The Duellists" had a lot of unintentional humor. This one embraces the absurd concept. It ironically glorifies violence featuring ridiculous punch sound effects and it never gets too close to the character´s misfortunes. It´s a comedy, first of all.

Conceptually, it stays neutral, and that´s no joke. Aggresions and affronts are equaly terrible on both sides. That is extremely important not to lose its validity. One can argue that Catfight has a few missteps but it´s certainly not clumsy. Better than that, it´s absolutely hilarious.

Reviewed by tishco 1 / 10

Pathetic excuse for violence

I have really struggled to watch out this over violent, poor excuse for a movie. What on the earth were these two brilliant women thinking, doing a movie like this.

There were some interesting themes to start with, however they are over looked by the poor excuse of hatred and venom spewed onto the screen.

How anyone could survive the beatings they give each other can only be explained by watching Die Hard or Jackie Chan movies.

Do yourself a favour...avoid it, unless this sort of movie turns you on.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 7 / 10

Not Another Teen Comedy (Thank God!)

The best thing about Catfight is that it offers a fairly unique and hard to find change of pace from many of the current crop of teen and young adult comedies.

Also on the plus side, it moves from a clearly satirical base into one of the most bizarre and (arguably) violent little feuds ever filmed (in the history of the medium) between two female characters who, presumably, should know better.

"Adults behaving badly" ... on steroids.

Which of course is its charm.

It also boasts performances from Heche and Oh which are not merely good but extraordinary. No matter how bizarre the character, no matter how over-stretched the script and dialog, these two actresses are fully committed to their portrayals.

It is the job of the reviewer to identify analogs of a story to better compare and contrast the production.

In the case of Catfight, this is not as easy as it looks.

While the overall plot can perhaps find resonances (for example) in something like Bad Santa 2003 (the first one, not the sequel) the overall tone and wickedness of the story, the complete disregard for anything resembling a normal dramatic narrative -- such as for example the over-utilization of "coma" as a continuity device? -- would require a trip back in time to the so-called experimental films of the 1960s.

Overall the final effect is remarkably like a car accident that attracts rubber-neckers, moreso than a cinematic breakthrough that attracts fans.

In other words, it is fun, novel, and interesting on first viewing. Something to tell your friends about.

But whether you would ever want to see another film just like it remains an open question.

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