Cat Run


Action / Comedy

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Paz Vega as Catalina Rona
Christopher McDonald as Bill Krebb
Tony Curran as Sean Moody
Janet McTeer as Helen Bingham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 3 / 10

Shallow, misdirected waste of time

Cat Run is a useless, needlessly crass and unpleasant piece of pseudo euro-pulp garbage with not a redeeming factor in sight. It tries its best to do the whole assassin mad dash a-lá Smokin Aces and such, but there's no heart, no discernible frequency to jive with and it ends up so thoroughly dead on arrival that you can feel the lack of pulse simply by watching a hastily cut trailer. The story is a glossy parade of silenced pistols, broad characterizations and graphic genre prototypes that offers nothing fresh, beginning with a murder scandal involving a scumbag politician (Christopher 'Shooter McGavin' McDonald) and a high class escort (Paz Vega). This causes subsequent fallout and bloodshed as all kinds of freaks and lowlifes come crawling out of the woodwork. They include two moronic would-be businessmen (Eurotrip's Scott Mechlowicz and Alphonso McCauley), a mysterious oddball (DJ Hughley) an Eastern European mobster nutjob (always cool to see Karel Roden) and Helen Bingham, a ferocious assassin played by British thesp Janet McTeer. They've made her character excessively, ridiculously arch and violent, hovering so far over the top she flies into orbit. The thing about these low rent, hard boiled, high octane ensemble capers is that you have to have a balance, a flow of all energies involved that stays streamlined and congruent. Smokin Aces had that (its sequel ran on an empty tank, but that's another story), as a good example of the recipe done right. This one just feels aloof and awkward, nothing to say and no amount of high style to distract us from the lack of proper story. It amazes me that they churned out a sequel this year, which I'll be avoiding, I think.

Reviewed by bowmanblue 7 / 10

The bad guys are more interesting than the good guys

I've just finished watching 'Cat Run' and I figured I better get my thoughts down before I totally forget what I wanted to say. I'll begin by mentioning that I'm quite happy to watch 'bad' films. By that I mean 'so-bad-they're-good' films. I wasn't expecting much from a film called 'Cat Run.' I read the blurb – working girl witnesses murder, needs protection, baddies give chase. Yeah, that'll do me for an hour and a half of my time.

I started watching it. My first thought was, 'Is this film dubbed?' The voices didn't seem to match up with the actors' mouths and I wondered whether I was watching a foreign film (it is set mainly in continental Europe) dubbed into English. But I wasn't. I overlooked the odd lip-syncing and continued. Sure enough, a high class escort witness a multiple murder and comes away with a hard disk containing data the baddies are after. Cue the chase.

The escort runs hither and thither, generally looking pretty attractive and little else. Then we meet our other heroes. A pair of young men who set up a detective agency help to find her. I have to say they didn't appeal to me. The main character I found 'wet' and uninteresting and his friend might as well have been called 'cliched best friend #298.' I have to say by this time I was tuning out – checking my emails on my phone and stuff. It was all pretty dull. I may even have turned it off there and then had it not been for one thing...

Helen Bingham. If you don't know her (and I must confess that I don't), she's a British actress who must be around middle age (think Helen Mirren, only about twenty years ago). Anyway, she's hired as an assassin (yes, a middle age woman with cut-glass English accent is a bad-ass assassin – go with it) to bring in the escort and anyone who aids and abets her. In short – Helen Bingham rocks. She totally steals every scene and makes the film watchable. The heroes pale in comparison compared to her. She was so good that I had a horrible feeling that she was only going to be in it for a few scenes and I'd end up watching the rest of the film in the hope that she returns. I'm glad to say she's in it the whole way through. And the film is all the better for it.

I won't go into too much detail about what follows, only that if you feel like watching a sort of B-movie version of a Guy Ritchie/spy thriller chase movie (yes, it crosses genres quite broadly – there's even a lot of black comedy thrown in there for good measure), then this one is worth it simply for Helen Bingham's performance.

Reviewed by carbuff 10 / 10

Straight out of left field.

Whoa, this is a hard movie to review.

It is filled with action, odd characters, and quite a bit of realistic and gruesome violence. Most guys are going to be drawn in right in at the beginning when confronted with an entire roomful of unbelievably beautiful, totally nude, Eastern European prostitutes.

The visuals of all kinds never really let up in this movie, especially since it was filmed in interesting areas of Europe. The lead female assassin (incidentally, a much older and more matronly woman than the eye candy on the cover) is downright terrifying (one could even say castrating with respect to men) in her utter ruthlessness and efficiency. Take the warning seriously about there being some pretty graphic violence in this film, because I'm not ridiculously squeamish, yet I found myself pretty shocked.

Most of the action actually seems fairly realistic, at least until the very end, at which point the filmmakers, as is common, get carried away with some physically unlikely or downright impossible stuff.

My attention never flagged during this movie, since it struck me as being so far out of left field that I wasn't sure what to make of it. If this kind of film experience became more common, I'm sure that I wouldn't rate this as highly, but it's current uniqueness, at least for me personally, gets it full marks.

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