Cars 3


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 51260


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Armie Hammer as Jackson Storm
Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen
Paul Newman as Doc Hudson
Kerry Washington as Natalie Certain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcain-26057 8 / 10

Ignore all the bad reviews! This was a good movie.

** Possible Spoilers **

First off, I have no idea what these other reviewers are talking about with this "alternate universe" theory. The fact is this movies ties perfectly with the first one. All the same characters are in the movie from the first one and many references are made to Doc, so not sure how this thought came about.

This movie is essentially a version of cars where Lightning McQueen actually aged, meaning he is not the same age as in the first one. With age, especially in sports, comes new, and younger, talent. In this movie lighning McQueen is faced with this same challenge, new, younger, talent who are training in new, more advanced, ways. With this younger talent and better training methods (Lightning McQueen still trains like he did under Doc) Lightning is having a tough time competing against the new guys. He essentially has to make a choice, adapt with new training or retire. I won't go into the details of his choice as I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

However, this movie was very good and, I thought, a fitting end to the franchise. Can you imagine a Rocky movie where Rocky never ages and just keeps fighting and beating everyone? No, and that is not how the Rocky series ended. Rocky retired and helped the new up and coming fighter. That is somewhat what happened here.

I can only assume the others making the reviews wanted Lightning to be perpetually young and just keep racing and racing and beating everyone, movie after movie. The writers wisely chose not to follow that formula. Yes, I will agree, there is a bit more of a story here than just pure racing, and perhaps that is what people didn't like. However, that didn't make it a bad movie.

I hated Cars 2 but I did really like Cars 3. It's not a perfect movie but also isn't what people are making it out to be. Give it a chance and I think you will like it.

Reviewed by vciccarello 5 / 10

One of the most dissapointing movie experiences I've ever sat through

First off, I want to say that when Cars 1 first came out, I loved that movie and I sill love it today. I was about 6 when Cars 2 came out, I liked it when I was younger, but now I don't. Now, I'm 13 and this came out on Netflix a little while ago. Boy, was I dissapointed.

In this movie, McQueen retires after a new racer who turns out to be faster than McQueen. This means that he is done racing for life because he is too old. But McQueen doesn't want to stop racing, so one day he gets invited to a place that he'll spend the rest of his life at. A girl car named Cruz who turns out to be a fan of McQueen is his instructor. Since McQueen is too old to finish his race, he let Cruz finish it for him.

If you're a fan of the first Cars, don't watch it. I have to give some credit of this movie being better than the second Cars though.


Reviewed by treykrumel 5 / 10

this is a OK movie

this movie was actually OK not as bad as i thought and when i saw the trailer i thought it was going to be terrible but it wasn't that bad this movie was boring most of the time. the writing was OK thought. even thought it was really slow paced i could still understand the pilot, point, and message in this film. the characters weren't that great either because they didn't feel original enough. overall this movie is not original. the jokes weren't funny either. overall a OK movie but could of been way better. it had a few good qualities but a lot of bad ones. this movie needs much more work.

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