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Maria Bello as Lorraine Burton
Joanna Cassidy as Betty
Catherine Dent as Therapist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bowmanblue 7 / 10

Not as bad as some make out

Just before I wrote this review, I looked up Carjacked on IMDb and happened to notice some of the reviews on there. Pretty much all of them gave it 1/10! Now, I'm not going to say that Carjacked is a classic or that it offers anything that you haven't really seen before, but I would stress that it's a lot better than a 1/10.

Single mother Maria Bello stops off for petrol (or 'gas' as they say in America) and gets carjacked by Stephen Dorff, taking her and her son hostage. What follows is basically a 'cat and mouse' sort of situation where she tries to protect her son and/or escape at the same time.

There you have it - nothing new. However, it's still not as bad as a 1/10. All three lead actors play their parts well. Special mention to Stephen Dorff who flits between charming and psychotic quite nicely. Mario Bello does her best to escape, but, as is pointed out at the beginning of the film, has a history of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, so that kind of excuses some of her subsequent bad decisions she makes throughout the rest of the movie. Even the kid, who is naturally squeaky clean, is actually not totally unlikeable and annoying (like most kids in films).

So, there you have it, nothing new, but nothing bad. Although I probably wouldn't watch it again any time soon, it kept me entertained for an hour and a half.

Reviewed by adi_2002 6 / 10

Get a cab! You have money!

Lorraine and her son are in the car one night on a way back home when they must stop at a gas station for some frozen pizza and gas. It's the perfect opportune for a thief Roy to get in their vehicle and force the woman to help him get out of the state.

It started good, Stephen Dorff plays his part very well but as the story goes along it becomes too jaded and with shabby dialogs. Also near the end when Lorraine an ordinary mother is able to steal so easy a car, handle a riffle while she is driving is so theatrical. So in conclusion what she is after? The thief money? in stead of making worries for her life she is able to go with a dangerous killer to steal his share? You could watch this movie for the first 20 minutes or so but after it goes to pieces and you realize that you just wasted time on a film that the story can only happen in movies.

Reviewed by callanvass 3 / 10

Laughably contrived and rather insulting to the viewer's intelligence

As an awful as a movie can be sometime, I'd like to somewhat use this analogy. Carjacked Is seriously like a bad train-wreck, despite how progressively worse it gets throughout the duration, you can't help but finish the disaster all the way through. Carjacked is certainly never dull, but it has a plethora of problems. Right away we are entered into the heroine's life (Bello) and the sight isn't pretty. We are given snippets throughout the film of her insecurities, her faults, but it never really gives us any reason to care about her, other than she's broke and a single mother who's in tough financially with a jerk of an ex husband. As a matter of fact they try to make her come across as sympathetic, but in reality all they managed to do was make her a whiny and rather unlikable heroine who commits way too many stupid mistakes in tough scenario's, The criticism should not be directed towards Bello because she gives it her best shot, but the obstacle of working against a bad script is too much to overcome. The relationship with her son felt forced and unnatural, and in a movie that type of relationship is vital to a movie's success, and they throw in the ex husband scenario for further dramatic effect to no avail. Stephen Dorff gives a laughably over the top performance which is largely uninspired. He sits there with his jacket, smokes cigarettes, looks cool, but he comes across as annoying and rather pretentious. The movie doesn't give us near enough information on why he is the way he is, as like a lot of the character development. Connor Hill is predictably annoying and rather unlikable as the kid. I didn't care for his nonchalant attitude towards the occurring events happening in the film or his hypocritical attitude (The moment when he gives Dorff the middle finger on the bus is a perfect example of this) but my main problem with Carjacked is that it grows abundantly more idiotic as it goes along. The finale had me howling in unintentional laughter. I'm guessing they wanted the big bang for the finale, but they failed miserably with a terribly over the top and unbelievable finale.

Final Thoughts: Maria Bello is far too talented to be slumming in this type of stuff. Carjacked is far too stupid and silly for its own good. I wouldn't even recommend this to B-Movie junkies, you can do something much more worthwhile with your time, like Maria Bello can with her career.


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