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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abbyeb97 8 / 10

These reviews are from movie snobs!

Some of the reviews here are extremely harsh on this movie. This movie is an adaptation of a 7 minute short film, was produced by netflix, didn't have a huge budget, and they still managed to create a fansastic film with incredible acting and a heartwarming, if tragic, storyline. This is not an oscar worthy film and wasnt created under the same standers as some of these comments seem to believe, but it was definitely worth the watch. If you want an exciting, emotional story about a parent's devotion to his child amidst the end of the world, give this movie a shot!

Reviewed by brisvegan1971 8 / 10

A zombie film with heart

I read some of the negative reviews of this film before watching it. I almost avoided it for that reason but I'm so glad I didn't. It's a great film, well written and acted, perfectly staged in various locations of the Australian outback to complement the characters and situations they find themselves in. I felt it conveyed realistic human dilemmas and heart, and brought something new to the genre. Forget the naysayers, do yourself a favour and experience this film.

Reviewed by GazWatson 3 / 10

Pretty bad

I hate films where the characters get themselves into situations by doing stupid and illogical things. And that's pretty much what this entire film is. I love Zombie movies, and I'm a big fan of Martin Freeman, but that couldn't save this rubbish movie.

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