Caress of the Vampire 2


Action / Horror

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Reviewed by kleenexwoman42 10 / 10

She's totally repulsive, really

One of the funniest movies ever to be put on a cheap DVD. Billy the Vampire is terrifying (but not as much as Lyme disease, apparently), and Ruby the Ghoul is adorable. The film is well-done for a budget, and has some truly hilarious moments (including the best intermission EVER). Not for someone who takes their vampire movies, their porn, or their feet seriously (but who wants to watch movies with THEM?), but indispensable if you're looking for a laugh. Nearly no nudity, for a so-called porn movie, but that's definitely not the point (there are lots of extended foot scenes which are fairly boring to the non-fetishist unless you like the cheesy rock-pop in the background, which I did). I got this movie on a DVD with "Caress of the Vampire 1", which is not funny, not titillating, and not worth watching. The DVD is worth getting for "Caress 2" alone.

Reviewed by anderst2 ([email protected]) 1 / 10

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie.

...And I wish I never did, It came with film number 1, as a bonus movie. This an even worse movie, it's so bad, it's not even good. It's for these kind of movies they invented the fast-forward button on the remote. I couldn't get any story out of this, only the worst actors ever to do a movie, running around in bad costumes, and the girls taking them off, the first film had actually production value of a high-cost Hollywood movie compared to this, just some teens with a home-video camera. It's soft-porn, almost without bare-skin. -10 out of 10

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