Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie


Action / Animation / Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 20152


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Kristen Schaal as Edith
Kevin Hart as George
Ed Helms as Captain Underpants / Mr. Krupp
Mel Rodriguez as Mr. Fyde
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by highmaster16 5 / 10

Pretty bad

This is not a good movie by any means. The characters are pretty annoying and the animation does not work, despite it trying to pander to the original comics. The voice actors are just unbearable, and you just don't care about the dumb plot. It's not 'The Nut Job' bad but still quite bad in itself.

Reviewed by teleconman 7 / 10

"POTTY" humor through out.

If you had to pick a movie that you think is the ultimate kid's movie, would you pick this? I probably would. CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS was a surprise to me. I remember the books being popular in elementary school. I have seen what a CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS book contains. So to see it transported to the big screen would be a challenge. At first, I didn't like that casting of Kevin Hart and Thomas Middletech portraying the two main boys. I would have loved to have heard actual boys play the characters. But as the film went on it didn't bother me as much. I think they did a good job. They play George and Harold, two pranksters that get on the principal's nerves. So from the start we know that these two are real best friends. They also enjoy making comics, with their magnum opus being Captain Underpants. So with the power of a hypno-ring they are able to hypnotize their principal to become Captain Underpants himself. So you can tell that there was going to be a lot of toilet jokes through out. And you know what I liked it. It fits perfectly with the story and at the same time stays true to the source. My favorite part where I completely lost my head laughing would be the Fart concert. What's not to laugh about it. I also liked that the two boys had super imaginations and they showed how they perceived every situation in their heads. It sounds like the movie was about them even though the title is called Captain Underpants. I think this is a great adaptation of the books. Not a lot of studios can pull it off and some how Dreamworks Animation manged to do it.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10

fun for all poop joke fans

George (Kevin Hart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch) are best of friends. They are pranksters at school and make their Captain Underpants comics together. George writes the story and Harold does the drawings. Their nemesis is principal Mr. Krupp (Ed Helms). Classmate Melvin (Jordan Peele) snitches on the boys to Mr. Krupp who threatens to separate them into different classes. With a cereal prize ring, George hypnotizes Krupp to becoming Captain Underpants. Life is fun until the arrival of Professor Poopypants (Nick Kroll) who is hired as science teacher.

This is fun for poop joke fans of all ages. The characters are good and there is a good story. It's straight forward with a good message in the end. Other than some nitpicks, this is solid fun for kids and adults. I didn't notice the voice work which is kinda interesting. I could probably do with less wild animation action which leads a great switch during the climatic fight scene. It just shows the imagination within this standard kids movie.

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