Captain Lightfoot


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Rock Hudson as Michael Martin
Barbara Rush as Aga Doherty
Finlay Currie as Callahan
Jeff Morrow as John Doherty, aka Capt. Thunderbolt
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Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Swashbuckling adventure with British turncoats , romance , fights , kidnapping and duels

This is a 1955 Douglas Sirk film for Universal about Irish adventures , concerning a romanticized version of a pair of intrepid adventurers , starring Rock Hudson in the title role of Captain Lightfoot , and it is full of adventure, romance , intrigue , ballroom dance , action , pistol duel and Ireland rebellion . Set in Ireland in 1815 , spanking Michael Martin (Rock Hudson , he was full-blood Irish, his real name was Roy FitzGerald) , member of an Irish revolutionary society , turns highwayman to support it , and is forced to flee into outlawry and to seek shelter in Dublin , capital of Ireland . In Dublín , he meets known rebel "Captain Thunderbolt¨ (Jeff Morrow, also an Irishman in real life) posing as an aristocrat , he is really leader of the Irish resistance against the English dragoons sent to occupy Ireland by the British Crown , then Michael becomes his second-in-command , "Lightfoot¨. As a couple of Irish rebels undertake swashbuckling adventures , abducting , rescues , attacks against fortress and many other things . The flick describes their dangerous life , with captures , betrayals , perilous feats , and romance . There takes place an unforgettably beautiful love story between Michael and Thunderbolt's daughter (Barbara Rush) . Meanwhile , Thunderbolt is gunshot wound , he hides but is discovered , being betrayed by a traitor (Dennis O'Dea) , caught eavesdropping and imprisoned . Lightfoot attempts to free him from prison , disguising as a priest . The real "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" story goes back to 1818 , about two notorious highwaymen , their bold and daring robberies, and hair-bredth escapes . Together with the life and recent death, in Vermont, of a man reputed to be Thunderbolt was arrested in Springfield , Massachusetts, was tried, convicted, and hanged about 1821 . It was Martin who, just before his execution , gave the full description of his former partner, Captain Thunderbolt, who by then was a simple, kindly , somewhat overdressed country doctor quietly practicing his medicine in Dummerston and falling down on his face at the Saturday night dances .

A fine , impressive adventure and a warm , sensitive romance , including turncoats , riots , dance balls and many others things . Dealing with love , battles , death and societal constraints . The film often depends on melodrama and relies heavily on the silly love story between Hudson and Rush . The flick is made in Sirk style , including his ordinary trademarks and financed by his customary producer , Ross Hunter , and Universal International with whom he made nine films , many of which involved the collaboration of Rock Hudson, cinematographer Russell Metty or Irving Glassberg , and art director Alexander Golitzen . Weak screenplay based on novel , ¨Captain Lightfoot¨ , written by prestigious W.R. Burnett . The three principals in the cast , Rock Hudson as character name in title , Barbara Rush and Jeff Morrow , all shine in this studio vehicle for young star Rock Hudson, who is terrific in the title role , with style , sex appeal , and a good Irish accent . Jeff Morrow was especially good in one of his greatest roles as Captain Thunderbolt , Morrow had to take lessons to learn how to sword-fight from Basil Rathbone . Support cast is pretty well such as Kathleen Ryan , Finlay Currie and Denis O'Dea . To be said that inspired Michael Cimino to write the film "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" with Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges . Interestingly, this film was shot at the time Eastwood was an apprentice for Universal . We don't know whether Cimino's original inspiration came from the film or one of the books, or even from popular tales he might have heard somewhere around .

Rousing and thrilling musical score by Heinz Roemheld and Herman Stein , though uncredited . Colorful and brilliant cinematography in magnificent Technicolor by Irving Glassberg . Filmed almost entirely on location in Ireland, this was one of the first Universal pictures to be filmed away from Hollywood . Being shot on location in Clogherhead, County Louth, Ireland and Powerscourt Estate , Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland . The motion picture was professionally directed by Douglas Sirk . His first directorial stint in America was Hitler's Madman (1943) , but it is for his work at Universal International in the 1950s for which he is primarily known . Sirk got a great success , particularly the high-suds soap operas he lensed for producer Ross Hunter in the 1950s : Magnificent obsession (1954) , All That Heaven Allows (1955) and his last American film , Imitation of life (1959) . Sirk's favorite American film was the Western , Taza , son of Cochise (1954) , which was shot in 3-D , also starred by Rock Hudson and Barbara Rush . The true genesis of the Sirk cult was the realization of notorious flicks full of twisted melodrama and passion , such as : Written on the wind , Battle hymn , The Tarnished Angels , Interlude , All I desire , There's Always Tomorrow and A Time to Love and a Time to Die ; the latter is one of the best films made by the producer-director team of Ross Hunter and Douglas Sirk . Society is an omnipresent character in Sirk's films , as important as the characters played by his actors, such as Jane Wyman , Barbara Rush and Rock Hudson.

Reviewed by weezeralfalfa 8 / 10

Good historical romance in early 1800s Ireland

A story of largely landless Irish Catholic resistance against a pervasive Protestant landowning class, in the early 1800s. It's based on the novel of the same name, released the year before, in 1954. A relatively small amount of time is spent on actual violent events. It more focuses on events leading up to such physical clashes, and on the sporadic romance between highwayman Michael Martin(Lightfoot), played by Rock Hudson, and Aga Doherty(Barbara Rush), impish ingénue daughter of John Doherty(Thunderbolt), played by Jeff Morrow. Actually, the nicknames Lightfoot and Thunderbolt are used sparingly, preference being given to their given names. Rock and Barbara appear to be playing characters actually about a decade younger than themselves. The on again, off again, romance between Michael and Aga reaches low points when he gives her a good paddling for being contrary("You're acting like my father"), when she announces her imminent marriage to one of Michael's foes, to spite him, and near the end, when Michael says he leads too dangerous a life to be married(With Aga's prodding, he soon changes his mind). These events are interspersed with several very passionate kisses, which express their true feelings toward each other. She's especially impressed with his performance in a formal duel with his romantic rival, Captain Hood. There was only one acceptable outcome of this duel, which was for both to miss. After Hood missed, Michael shot into a nearby scarecrow. If he were to kill or even wound Hood, even in a formal duel, he would be in big trouble with the law.

The initial section deals with several robberies by Michael, sometimes aided by his friend Tim, in the Ballimore area. The local resistance cell refused to take stolen money for fear it would make them more harassed by the authorities. He was advised to relocate in the Dublin area, which he did, with some difficulty from the English dragoons. He was fortuitously picked up by Doherty, disguised as a parson, who took him to Dublin.

Despite the general description of Michael and Doherty as highwaymen, I didn't see Doherty participate in any robbery, and there were no further robberies by Michael. Perhaps the older Doherty was once a highwayman, but in recent times he 'robbed' the rich by encouraging them to gamble at his casino. He also had a bevy of prostitutes for hire.(Michael seemed never to have heard of such!).

Iris accents of the various players varied greatly. Rock's rather minimal display tended to wax and wane, especially toward the last part. Barbara made virtually no attempt at an accent.

Both Michael and Doherty spent a bit of time in a castle dungeon. Michael was captured trying to free Doherty. Unfortunately, others had just recently freed Doherty, and he was captured. The several hair-raising escapes from prison or from pursuing dragoons, by the 2 men, are among the action highlights.

Production values are high, and cinematography excellent, with most of the action taking place in several locations in Ireland. Fans of Hudson and Barbara should not pass this up. Some of you probably would have preferred more action scenes, which is the chief gripe I have. Available at YouTube.

Reviewed by dglink 7 / 10

Young Rock with Brogue in Irish Swashbuckler

A colorful, light adventure that plays like a classic swashbuckler, the Ross Hunter production "Captain Lightfoot," is entertaining Hollywood hokum from a screenplay by W.R. Burnett and Oscar Brodney, which was loosely based on Irish history. The casting of Rock Hudson as Mike Martin, aka Captain Lightfood, undercuts any pretense to historical accuracy, despite a supporting cast of Irish players. Although hired more for his looks and marquee value, than his aptness for the role, Hudson nevertheless is amiable, and he attempts a slight brogue that gets slighter as the film progresses. While his good-natured performance is an asset to the movie, Hudson lacks the confidence and bravado that a Burt Lancaster would have brought to the part.

Martin was a bold highwayman in early 19th century Ireland, who worked for a revolutionary society in support of Irish independence. An Irish Robin Hood, Martin stole from the English oppressors to aid the cause and to feed the poor. An Irish rebel patriot, Captain John Doherty, hears of Martin's exploits and enlists him to be his second in command; brought to Dublin by Doherty, Martin is dubbed Captain Lightfoot by Doherty's saucy headstrong daughter, Aga, after a fumbled dance with him. Known as Captain Thunderbolt, Doherty runs a gambling establishment that fleeces the English to fund the independence struggle. Like a boys' adventure movie, "Captain Lightfoot" is often exciting fun. During duels and escapes, fights and chases, robberies and romance, director Douglas Sirk maintains a steady pace.

Barbara Rush provides the requisite love interest as Aga, although the predictable romance between her and Hudson is of the clichéd "hate at first sight" variety, and viewers know the outcome from the first scene. Jeff Morrow, who plays Aga's father, Doherty, arguably gives the film's best performance; he is strong, authoritative, and convincing as a rebel leader. "Captain Lightfoot's" technical credits are also good. Shot on location in Ireland, the scenery is lush and beautiful, and the music, supervised by Joseph Gershenson, is rousing. While undemanding fun, the movie does not rise to memorable, despite the presence of a young Rock Hudson at the cusp of stardom. For Hudson fans, the film is essential viewing, for others, light escapist fun.

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