Cannibal Holocaust


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Robert Kerman as Professor Harold Monroe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 1 / 10

A sick movie made by sick people.

This film is another sick cinematic experience of Italian provenance. Considered by many the goriest film already made to date, its a bad example for international cinema in that it shows, virtually, everything that a quality film should never show.

The plot is simple: after the disappearance of a film crew from a documentary in the middle of a remote area of ​​the Amazon Rainforest, an expert is sent to find out what happened. However, the region is inhabited by ferocious cannibal tribes. Therefore, the film mixes a bit the found footage style with a mockumentary. The director, Ruggero Deodato, focused on realism to the point that he was arrested on charges ranging from depravity to qualified murder (he was only saved from life imprisonment when the actors killed in the film appeared before the judge, alive and in very good health). So the movie is not for anyone and it's not that movie that you show to your girlfriend or mother. In fact, the human deaths were staged, with extreme graphic realism, but there are actually scenes of executions that were included in the film, in addition to having been killed several animals during the filming (where were the Greenpeace guys then?). This is equally horrendous.

Sincerely? There is some talent here, especially in makeup, in the decoration and idealization of the sets and in other technical questions. But you're going to be so sick and revolted against the movie that you will not be able to absorb it.

Reviewed by Jacob R. Crosby-English 9 / 10

If You've Seen the Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity... Cool... ...Here's Cannibal Holocaust!

Blair Witch Project came out in 1999 as Paranormal Activity did in 2007 (originally 2005), Cannibal Holocaust was the beginning of found footage!

More than just shaky cameras and a blessing of no digital effects, Cannibal Holocaust is controversial, practical and risqué as a found footage film should be. The journey of who the real Cannibals are, makes you consider the definition of Cannibal once more. Considering how Cannibals can be hungry enough even for another human being to be degraded and belittled of a stone-age culture. With those film cameras in grip like a pistol, it adds more the journey of these "lost Americans" and their intentions of recording footage as a trophy and eradication more than an observation of stone-age cultures.

Clearly this was a big deal in 1980 for how realistic it looks and even makes CGI in today's technological standards look like a couple of steps behind! But once you've seen it again it is obvious with the practical effects and if you research the controversy that surrounded this film. They literally had to take this film to court! Blair Witch Project was good, but jittery and shaky if the lack of dialogue makes you impatient. Paranormal Activity set the digital standard of found footage, however was shattered in my belief over the 2007 ending over the 2005 ending.

Cannibal Holocaust it's pacy, it's edgy and it makes you cringe and clinch no other found footage film's done. Especially when it comes to controversy, A Serbian Film counter-argued in 2011 and succeeded.

Reviewed by areatw 1 / 10

Bottom of the barrel stuff

I reluctantly decided to watch the infamous 'Cannibal Holocaust', and I found it to be every bit as shocking as people make out. It was by far the most uncomfortable experience I've ever had watching a film. From the sickening violence and killings to the torturing of animals and graphic rape scenes, this film is as morally low as they come.

'Cannibal Holocaust' is not art - it's not even entertainment. How can anybody enjoy watching a coati being repeatedly stabbed as it screams in pain? Or a turtle being decapitated and then pulled to pieces? It makes for an extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable viewing experience. Unfortunately, it's also an unforgettable one, so watch at your peril.

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