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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Acidpickle 1 / 10

Save your brain cells

If you want to watch something worth your time, you might as well re-watch Strangers. Where do I start? The acting, the cinematography, the musical score, the pacing, the movie? All of it is terrible.

I was actually infuriated by the terrible accents, and god forsaken acting. The only reason I kept watching was to actually see if the movie could get worse, and SPOILER ALERT, it does. The gore is terrible, and you can't wait for the mother to be killed right from the beginning. Every character has an annoying trait that won't stop, and you constantly wish they are killed next. Save your time, your money, and your IQ for something with a little more substance.

Reviewed by dashawn-20908 1 / 10


I can'y believe I wasted my time With this movie. Ended up watching the Documentary. But back to this movie, the acting was horrible. There was no introduction with the characters, so it was kind all over the place. Also i felt the writer could've made the characters fight back a little stronger than what they did.

It's not much I can really say I was just mad I even wasted my time watching this movie.

Reviewed by Lyndsay Morgan 4 / 10


The movie description says, "based on the true life murders which inspired The Strangers". I knew it would be a lower quality rip off, and it was, but I still expected better. Everything about this movie was mediocre at best. The pacing was really off, which felt like the cinematography version of an 'awkward silence'.

The characters are so dumb and pathetic that you don't even care what happens to any of them in the end, which is sad because these events actually happened. And what is going on with the Mothers accent?? Cabin 28 is empty, lazy, and neither pays tribute to, nor is a great representation to this real life tragedy.

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