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Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles
Michael York as Brian Roberts
Joel Grey as Master of Ceremonies
Marisa Berenson as Natalia Landauer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by st-shot 9 / 10

Forty-five years later Cabaret remains the musical to beat.

Since it release nearly a half century back Cabaret remains the last great American musical (Singing' in the Rain and West Side Story were made previous). As relevant now as it was then, carrying a tune and warning of creeping fascism, it's staying power is not only in its message but the bite of the music and two of the most memorable musical performances in film history with Liza Minelli as Sally Bowles and Joel Grey as the "Emcee."

University student Brian Roberts ( Michael York) freshly arrived in Berlin (Weimar Germany 1931) to complete his studies makes the acquaintance of Kit Kat Club performer Sally Bowles who shows him the ropes. Taken back by her brash personality at first he eventually warms to Sally and they become involved, he more serious than her. Together they encounter and share new friends but Brian comes to the realization that Sally is not about to give up a life of "divine decadence." Meanwhile in the streets, the parks, the clubs the Nazi Party and its brand of thuggery is becoming more prevalent.

Outside of a pace slowing subplot regarding two older students Robert is tutoring Cabaret is flawless film making in nearly every area with Minelli excelling in three (acting, singing, dancing) requirements and Grey's mischievously haunting master of ceremonies delivering a character for the ages. Director Bob Fosse working in a confined space smaller than a broadway stage for his musical numbers, the color muted by club smoke, delivers one excellently edited solid number after the next without betraying the mood with slick, flashy choreography on a stage the size of an aircraft carrier that lesser musicals depend on. Instead it maintains the funk of people dancing on a volcano in search of distraction from the impending doom they face. Musicals by nature are usually optimistic and upbeat. Sober Cabaret goes against the grain and succeeds beyond expectation as one of the finest musicals in film history.

Reviewed by kz917-1 5 / 10

Fantastical Fosse but too wacky for me!

Welcome to the Kit Kat Club with all the dancing, debauchery, and drama!

Fantastic song & dance interspersed with a dramatic story of who loves who and who sleeps with whom.

Too much drama for me.

Reviewed by TownRootGuy 5 / 10

Definitely not for everyone.

I had a crush on Liza as a kid, which is when I had last seen it. I re-watched it recently to see if I still did and, as it turns out, I kinda do but the show is just weird.

It has some decent tunes and some eye candy but, seriously, it's just weird. I recommend The Birdcage over Cabaret unless there's a specific reason you're considering this.

I think I'll pass on seeing this again.

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