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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gino Cox 3 / 10

A low-budget zombie apocalypse movie without the zombies

"Bushwick" feels like a low-budget zombie apocalypse movie without the zombies. It's also missing a plot, character arcs, a theme, a moral and other typical cinematic and dramatic elements. The ending feels as if the filmmakers shot the film in sequence and ran out of money before they could complete it. The wrong characters die for the wrong reasons. Bautista is best known for his chiseled larger-than-life physique and his martial arts skills, but displays neither. As he has shown in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, he can handle comedic roles and does a reasonable job here with a role that calls for more emotion than action. While fans may appreciate his dramatic range and nobody would want him to be limited in his career, they may be disappointed that he doesn't do more fighting.

The script is a mess. Nothing makes any sense, from the plot to the military tactics to the motivation of the characters. A hodgepodge of liberal and alt-right political ideologies are presented and seemingly given equal time. I kept imagining Robert Downey Jr. in his Kirk Lazarus role from "Tropic Thunder" urgently whispering, "Never go full-on libtard."

The situation and actions seemed so improbable and unrealistic that I never developed much empathy for the characters.

Reviewed by neil-43355 8 / 10

Leave Your Common Sense at the Door

Let's be honest here, this movie will never win an Oscar and neither will the two actors, the plot is ridiculous, the acting poor and you find it hard to make out what the lead male is saying half the time.

All that said, it actually works like a video game with the viewer right there in the middle of the action and you actually start liking and wanting the two main players to succeed in their task - its pretty intense and the action never stops and surprisingly, I actually started to enjoy the movie - one of the more enjoyable movies I have seen recently. I would rate more of a 7.5/10 but will go for the higher 8 on the IMDb rating system because I did enjoy it, as stupid as it is!

Reviewed by vulpedamian 8 / 10

Low budget film that works with what it's got

While the effects were clearly low budget, this film did its best with what it had. While not on the level of Children of Men, it is still an entertaining run and gun (or more likely get gunned) movie that keeps the frantic pace until the end.

This movie really gave me a DMZ comic feeling. Just like in the comic, the South states are attacking the North by invading Brooklyn. The people trapped between the warring sides try to survive by any means possible.

My opinion is that you should give this movie a try, even though the effects and even the acting fall flat at times. The action more than makes up for it.

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