Burnt Offerings


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Burgess Meredith as Arnold Allardyce
Bette Davis as Aunt Elizabeth
Oliver Reed as Ben Rolf
Karen Black as Marian Rolf
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sam Panico 6 / 10

Slow but creepy...

The Rolfs' summer vacation has brought them to a ruined mansion (the Dunsmuir Mansion, which was also used for Phantasm) somewhere in the country. Marian and Ben have a 12-year-old son named Davey and have brought along their beloved aunt Elizabeth. Why would they stay in this ancient abode? Well, it's cheap. Real cheap thanks to the kindness of the Allardyce family, who only require that their mother stay upstairs and that the family provide her with meals all summer long. They will never see her or probably even speak to her, a deal that Marian agrees to quickly. The house is just too great and she's fallen in love with it.

Love soon turns to the obsession that only comes from 1970's horror fiction. Soon, she's dressing like a Victorian woman and not speaking to her family, content to sit near Mrs. Allardyce's bedroom and stare at old photos.

The house keeps getting cleaner and better looking the more weirdness happens, like windows locking shut, accidents all over the place, nightmares of an evil chauffeur and Ben flipping out and nearly killing his son while swimming and Aunt Elizabeth dying.

Marian won't even leave the house for the funeral, so Ben angrily declares that he will leave without her. His attempts to escape with his son ends when a tree blocks the road and his wife becomes the dreaded chauffeur, turning the once strong man into jelly. Yet after the pool itself tries to kill Davey, Marian declares that they should leave once she tells Mrs. Allardyce goodbye.

Easier said than done. She disappears into the house and when Ben goes to confront the old woman, he learns that she and his wife are now the same person. He's thrown from the attic window in a scene that ends the trailer to the film and even Davey is killed when a chimney falls on him, because the life of children was quite cheap in the movies of the 70's. To paraphrase John Mulaney, back then "no one cared about kids. I grew up before children were special. I did. Very early '80s, right before children became special."

The house is now brand new as the Allardyce family and the chauffeur celebrate mother's return. The photos on the wall — all of the home's past victims — now include Ben, Davey and Aunt Elizabeth.

Curtis was a fan of the book, except for the open ending which he thought was unfilmable. His ending is much different, as is the inclusion of the chauffeur, who is based on a childhood trauma where he watched a driver laugh during his grandmother's funeral.

Some people dislike this film because of its slow pace, but others — like Stephen King — love it. I'm on the fence. I love parts of this, but the pace is truly glacial.

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Reviewed by napchier 8 / 10

Took me quite by surprise.

I saw this film as part of a trail I'm plotting through old movies, in an effort to add a spark of movie history, such as it is, to my memory pool. I liked this film quite a lot. Wasn't overly sure in the beginning, but once it was all finished I was really quite pleased with it. Some great performances. The house itself, feeding on it's inhabitants to keep itself up and running, in effect, was used to great effect, a character in it's own right. A nice, alternative approach to a ghost story. Reminded me of some films prior to it, such as Psycho (I won't say why to avoid spoiling it to curious, similarly new viewers), and a number of films that may have been somewhat influenced by it, things like The Skeleton Key. If you've seen both of those, and wonder into this movie, you might know what I mean.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

Original Storyline

Ben Rolf (Oliver Reed), his wife Marian (Karen Black) and their son David (Lee Montgomery) visit a country manor for renting to spend summer vacation. They are welcomed by the weird siblings Roz Allardyce (Eileen Heckart) and Arnold Allardyce (Burgess Meredith) that offer the mansion for nine hundred-dollar only for the whole summer. The only condition is to feed their mother Ms. Allardyce that lives recluse in the attic three times a day. They move to the house with Ben's Aunt Elizabeth (Bette Davis) and soon Marian becomes obsessed for Ms. Allardyce and the house. Meanwhile evil things happen to the Rolf family and Ben feels that the house is absorbing their life forces. After the death of Ms. Allardyce, Ben decides to live the manor but he realizes they are trapped in the real estate. What is happening to the family?

"Burnt Offerings" is a horror film with an original storyline of haunted house. Instead of ghosts, the house is an evil force that drains human life to renew. There are curiosities on the Brazilian DVD, such as Bette Davis hatted Oliver Reed; or the director's daughter had used PCP (angel dust) and jumped off the highest LA building to fly a couple of days before the shooting of the last scene. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Mansão Macabra" ("The Macabre Manor")

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