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Julianne Hough as Georgia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by texxas-1 1 / 10

Showgirls for tweens

I managed to see it through to the end but I couldn't watch this again. There's no real plot, no twists or turns, no excitement. It's basically small town waitress goes to LA and begs for a job as a stripper *cough* a burlesque dancer, because it's "her biggest dream" *rolls eyes*. I find these quite degrading. This actually felt like showgirls but without the action. Although showgirls is trashy and unrealistic, it's still very entertaining. I guess Burlesque was just a platform for Christina Aguilera to make a transition into movies (which rarely works out for popstars). Cher comes off as unlikeable and annoying. I think the point of the film was to watch Cher and Christina perform a song and dance routine...badly.

Reviewed by Wuchak 6 / 10

"Coyote Ugly" meets "Chicago" with Christina Aguilera & Cher

Released in 2010, "Burlesque" is a drama/musical about a bored small town girl (Christina Aguilera) who moves to the big city to better her life and, hopefully, do something with her great talents. She gets a waitress job at a nightclub and eventually talks the owner (Cher) into allowing her to perform. Cam Gigandet plays the potential beau while Peter Gallagher appears as the club owner's ex-husband and part owner. Stanley Tucci plays the likable stage manager while Kristen Bell & Julianne Hough are on hand as dancers. Eric Dane plays the arrogant mogul who wants to purchase the club and build condos.

My title blurb says it all: "Burlesque" combines the plot of 2000's "Coyote Ugly" with elements of 2002's "Chicago," particularly the curvy women and burlesque dancing sequences. While it failed to achieve the moderate success of "Coyote Ugly" at the box office, it's a significantly better movie. Although both films have the familiar formula plot, "Burlesque" has a more compelling story with a more dynamic cast and superior song & dance. It also has better women, as far as curvy appeal goes (with the arguable exception of Piper Perabo, the women in "Coyote Ugly" had the non-curvy shape of 12 year-old boys). Someone criticized that Aguilera was too "old" for the role. Poppycock. She was 29 during filming and easily passed for someone in her late teens/early twenties. Despite her alluring powers, she had the youthful/winsome/innocent vibe to pull off the part.

There's a surprising peripheral plot about how homosexual relationships start with 'sex' and proceed from there.

The film runs 119 minutes and was shot entirely at Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, California. It was written & directed by Steve Antin.


Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg 3 / 10

it's a lonely stretch to stardom

Steven Antin's "Burlesque" has a routine plot - small town girl moves to Hollywood, hoping to make it big - and some interesting musical numbers, but overall the movie is hard to recommend. Probably because it makes everything look too easy. I personally thought that Stanley Tucci's character was the most interesting one in the movie, and I also liked Alan Cumming's character. I found the rest of the characters clich├ęd, and the movie generally seemed like something that I've seen many times on the screen. Your time would be better spent watching something else. Hell, if you're looking for a Cher movie, there's always "Silkwood", "The Witches of Eastwick" and "Tea with Mussolini".

PS: Steven Antin played the jock in "The Goonies"

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