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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Ryan Reynolds as Paul Conroy
Samantha Mathis as Linda Conroy
Stephen Tobolowsky as Alan Davenport
Kali Rocha as 911 Operator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian Rupert 9 / 10


Well, I look through the reviews and see two polar opposites. 1. People who enjoyed the film 2. Bigots who use their review to insult Americans and boast how easy it would have been for them to escape the box.

The man had anxiety issues. Even the most calm person would have been going just as nuts in that box as he was. If you haven't been through such a situation, you are ridiculous for thinking you know exactly how you would handle it.

You can't just dig your way out of a box with a little pocket knife. You saw how hard he was trying to break the wood, which speaks as to how deep he was. All he needed to be was a foot or so deeper underground than the box was tall, and he would have suffocated and been covered in sand as soon as he tried to break free. You know, the EXACT same thing that we saw happen when the box DID break open. Sand would not only come in from directly above the box, but flow in from the sides. Breaking the box doesn't just magically let you "doggie paddle" through the sand like one genius review said.

It's well over 100 degrees where he was, and could have been as high as 120 . He was in a tiny box with very little oxygen and was sweating like crazy. He would have been dehydrated severely on top of his bad anxiety. He was probably in the box two hours before he even woke up, and likely had a head injury or was drugged. Why else would he just "wake up" in a box?

I saw someone claim the flask was filled with water at the beginning, yet was suddenly "petrol" when he tried to burn the snake. No, it was a flask...you know...of ALCOHOL.

And this same reviewer was insulting Americans...typical of a bigot I guess.

IMDB does a very poor job at policing these reviews.

If you don't hate Americans and can accept the fact that this is a MOVIE, not a guide as to how to survive if you wake up in a box...you will probably enjoy this.

If you have a short attention span and can't bring yourself to find sympathy for someone just because they aren't from your tribe..you should skip it.

Reviewed by silaslevimartin 2 / 10

It's cheap and it shows

I understand the direction they were going with but it felt that there was no creativity or interesting sense to call this movie enjoyable. The acting was good however some of the logic in the scenes didn't add up. Example: one scene he attempts to reach the bag but it is too far away however in another scene, there is a snake and he is able to contain himself within half of the coffin. I get that they are trying to add suspense but it just leaves more unanswered questions. I enjoy survival movies but the only feature this movie used was a phone, an unneeded lighter and a very underwhelming ending

Reviewed by yeah-99985 7 / 10

A good contained thriller despite its limitations


Ryan Reynold's terrific performance. Claustrophobic and suspenseful. Utilizes all its limitations very well to create a good realistic story.


Very limited space of story development due to its premise.

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