Bulletproof Monk


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
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Jaime King as Jade
Yun-Fat Chow as Monk With No Name
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dave Thompson 5 / 10

Immense fun......but there is some terrible acting.

I must, first of all, point out that this movie is very good fun and must not, in any way be taken at all seriously. I loved the concept of the story but felt that things were very much spoilt by the overblown, overcontrived action scenes. This was the case from the very first minute. As for the acting......well this turned out to be very much a case of goodies v baddies. Seann William Scott, Chow Yun-Fat and Jaime King (the good guys) all turn in sterling performances. In fact, it looks as if Seann William Scott & Chow Yun-Fat had immense fun making this film and their chemistry is there to see. As for the bad guys.......Karel Rodin, Victoria Smurfit and Marcus Jean Pirae. Well, what can I say? I felt that they were all terrible and all over the top. I was particularly disappointed with Victoria Smurfit, who I had seen many times before and knew her to be a very talented actress. I think that the problem with her character was basically because she had a very over emphasised British accent. Smurfit is Irish, so why the hell didn't they just maintain her natural accent. Worse though, was Marcus Jean Pirae as the underground gang boss. He has no excuse though. His too was an over emphasised British accent.......but actually IS English I believe. As I say, the film was great fun and it was made watchable by the fact that the good (acting) outweighed the bad (acting). It was, by no means, a complete turn off.

Reviewed by Mopkin TheHopkin 3 / 10

Might be bulletproof, but it isn't good

Bulletproof Monk stars Chow Yun-Fat as a supernatural monk protecting an ancient Buddhist scroll with magical powers. His home is attacked by Nazi's, and he flees to America and hides for many years, protecting the scroll. Unfortunately, the Nazi's are able to make a comeback by opening an NGO that promotes peace as a front to track to the Monk. Meanwhile the Monk meets Kar (Sean William Scott) and Jade (Jamie King), two kung-fu loving street kids with a roguish nature. He sees them as potential successors, and tries to train them as the Nazi's close the net on the Monk and his scroll.

If you read that up there without going WTF, then kudos. I had a hard time following the plot of this film. It is wickedly bad, and very predictable. The action is not terrible, but is poorly shot and edited with a fair bit of CGI and post processing, to the point of obviousness. Chow Yun-Fat is campy as the Monk, but Scott and King play clich├ęd 90's people, with edgy backgrounds and died hair and stuff. The characters are poorly written, and Scott and King just don't pull it off.

The Nazi thing is ridiculous as well. Why? The Nazi's have opened up a global peace NGO, as a front to steal an ancient Buddhist Scroll from a Monk in New York City in the 90's. It's just so bad.

As I said, the acting, action, script, plot, characters, writing and stunts are all pretty poor. Chow Yun-Fat is alright, and the movie is sometimes bad in a funny sort of way. However, there is little else to redeem this film. It tries and fails to be a campy and fun action flick, and instead feels forced and rushed. This film has little to show for it, and can be safely skipped.

Reviewed by alexanderchalkidis 6 / 10

Great job of a mediocre idea

It is pretty hard to take a film seriously when it starts with two monks sparing on a bridge and flying around. That whole karate/flying/Chinese wire trick...really...why? But "Bulletproof monk" pulls it off well. For starters, it is the first movie with an explanation of how to walk on air. But mainly the two lead roles are likable and drive the story forward all the time.

The old guy from Tibet is neither Jackie Chan, nor some martial arts guru. More like a regular guy you might want as a neighbour. The young guy is a New York pick pocket, smart kid but not falling into any easy pidgeon holes either. None of those overdone slow motion stylistic shows action movies on a budget often fall for. If our hero needs to take out ten bad guys, OK, he does some fancy stuff, but he gets on with it.

Plot is the normal thing. We all have to protect some ancient scroll with the secret to ultimate power. Twist is that some Nazi has been chasing it since the second World War. Yeah, we have heard that before too. But it really doesn't matter, the take is fresh. My kids watched it straight after the Spiderwick Chronicles, same story, protecting a book from evil, but they didn't mind at all.

The girl in the film is interesting too. While Star Wars fans pine and groan about Rey not getting her own doll, the female lead in this film is cool, sexy, sweet, tough, able and with a nice twist at the end does real equality sort of stuff. In all, a great cast guided by an obviously good team, makes a great job of a mediocre idea.

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