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Tom Hardy as Charles Bronson / Michael Peterson
Matt King as Paul Daniels
Kelly Adams as Irene
Bob Gale as Prison Officer / Screw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mysticgypsyy 4 / 10

Not the best I've seen from Tom Hardy

I absolutely LOVE Tom Hardy, but this wasn't my fav role of his. To each their own I suppose, i do love his ability to commit to the roles he plays..i'm a die hard hardy fan & this wasn't bad, but also not so good. Kinda...meh?? Good job portraying Bronson though. Very interesting story.. Again, not my fav character hes played. I still love him as an actor. I really can't get enough of Tom lately. He's amazing in The Revenant, Dunkirk, The Drop, Mad Max & name a few. I love his attitude & looking forward to seeing many more of his movies & upcoming sequels to come.

Reviewed by benwoodard-23808 5 / 10

Tom Hardy, the role of a lifetime, the direction of a day.

For my first review on IMDb I thought it would be for a film I truly loved, instead it is for this film. This is a film for which I can only describe as a let down. After watching Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Taxi Driver'-esque neon infused drama 'Drive', I decided to watch this film, one which I had been told a lot about. Yes, Tom Hardy is brilliant in this. He is the glue that holds this poorly structured, weakly written film together. Four of my stars are for the main man here. Tom Hardy is outstanding in this role, he perfectly portrays the maniacal and incredibly unhinged Charles Bronson, a man who has infamously been incarcerated for life in prison, despite not officially murdering a single soul, as the film may make you think. His insane outbursts bring a certain perverse glee to the viewer, yet it is a glee that is severely stricken off when he calms down, and becomes a dull narrator for the parts of his life that no one cares about. The other star is for the music. Like in most Winding Refn films the music is amazing. A haunting ambient music strikes the audience,and inter cut with Hardy's surreal pantomine-type interactions with an (imaginary?) audience, the film will chill to the bone. However it is perhaps too loose on story, and too weakly structured for a casual viewing, and more one for those with a deeper interest in Britain's 'most expensive inmate'. 5/10

Reviewed by Prichards12345 4 / 10

Bet this one pulled the crowds in

Or rather not. Great leading acting, pretty awful movie in truth, with a highly stylised presentation that doesn't work at all (and that borrows from 'A Clockwork Orange' in the process); all that Bronson really has going for it is a brave and powerful performance from Tom Hardy. In the second half of the film you are going to get awful sick of seeing his nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Put it away, Tom.

Don't think I'd go and see a film at the cinema which features a mental patient pooing into his own hand (before eating it), constant violence, and no real point except to portray the real-life Mr Charles as some sort of anti-hero; something so off the mark I was just shaking my head most of the time. Lots of characters not introduced properly, no real story and a moment of black humour or two. That's about it.

If you want to see a powerful prison drama with a good story go watch McVicar instead, an oldie but way better than this.

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