Broken Vows


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
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Wes Bentley as Patrick
Cam Gigandet as Michael
Matt Gerald as Clay Darrow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankieescandon-69059 8 / 10

Really solid movie

Films like these are usually cliche and quite predictable. With the same concept and a similar plot. But this film does something special and it actually becomes a decent movie. The director does something that grabbed my attention for the whole movie and that's tell a story with good character development that wastes no time giving me a decent film for my movie night.

The stalker guy was given a back ground story as to why his obsession and how his obsession with women escalated. And that paved the way for how this film was going to turn out. That right there made this movie a must watch. And a gripping thriller that is pretty fun.

The acting in this movie fits in rather nicely with the plot of the movie. Both the first and the second half of the movie does it's job. I give this film a B+.

Reviewed by jplox 6 / 10

Only if a dark thriller with a bad ending script suits you..

I admire Wes Bentley from EVERY season he has been in American Horror Story. He's one of the best.


This thriller started right: boy mets girl, girl goes to bed, she regrets but he likes her, then he starts chasing her. That's expectable.

The movie has a good pace, bad sound effects and it seems to be like a b movie (lower caps) with no budget, acting from the main character is good, she is losing it and gets help from a cop with her BFF.

All good,

Then things go south, they go to a remote beach for honeymoon and suddenly there he goes, without any issues he gets to the private island, kills the one guy left at the hotel and then he gets killed at the sand.

At this point it started feeling like American Horror Story, Hotel.

Then, the movie ends with a poor script and it keeps questions unanswered, the husband is alive but in a the hospital bed.

The writers slowly started creating the story, and then they got anxious and ended the story badly.

If you are into dark comedies, or dark dramas, you may like it.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 3 / 10

lackluster thriller

Tara Bloom (Jamie Alexander) goes on her bachelorette party weekend in New Orleans. She is seduced by dark, mysterious bartender Patrick (Wes Bentley). She leaves after a night of passion back to her fiancé Michael (Cam Gigandet) in California. Patrick is obsessed and flies out to stalk her. Her friend Debra (Alexandra Breckenridge) tries to help.

This is supposed to be a thriller. The problem is the horrible boring production. There is no tension to speak of. The filming is done as blandly as possible. It is dull and slow. There are no surprises. There is nothing compelling. It should be dark but it's more cheese than noir. The acting is functional. Cam is more comfortable playing a douche. His face-off with Wes becomes a douche-off. Tara is not that great to root for either. This is not really a threatrical thriller.

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