Brokeback Mountain


Action / Drama / Romance

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Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack Twist
Kate Mara as Alma Jr., Age 19
Anne Hathaway as Lureen Newsome
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marcosaguado 10 / 10

The Heart Of The Matter

I didn't believe for a moment that the film could live up to the hype, or to some of the comments posted here, some of them read like love letters to the film, to the director and the actors. Well, now, after seeing the film, I feel like writing a love letter myself. The film took over my senses and transported me. The tragedy that envelopes the lives of Ennis and Jack is caused by an ancestral ignorance that is part of our DNA and if you don't believe me read some of the hateful comments posted here alongside the love letters. That's the heart of the matter. After the summer in Brokeback Mountain, Ennis and Jack go their separate ways and Ennis hits a wall with his fists crying, trying to destroy his longing, self loathing, guilt, horror. Imagine in a world without ignorance and therefore without hatred, Ennis and Jack could have celebrated their love and attempt an honest life together. Imagine also if things were the other way and heterosexuals were the dark minority, imagine falling in love with a girl and having to keep it secret, never been able to tell or to show publicly your love for her. Men like Ennis, and there are many, have to curve their own emotions and conform, entering and developing unhappy marriages and why? Read some of the comments here and you'll understand why. There is one that condemns the movie and what the movie may do for his kid and his vision of cowboys without actually having seen the movie! That's the heart of the matter. I will go and see the film again tomorrow, if I can get tickets, I'm taking with me a group of people that hate the movie already without having seen it. I won a bet so they will have to. I'm taking them to diner later to talk. I intend to report the results if you let me. But for the time being let me tell you, "Brokeback Mountain" is an extraordinary film. Jake Gyllenhaal, Ann Hathaway and the magnificent Michelle Williams give superb performances but it's Heath Ledger's film. He gives us something that nobody could possibly have expected because what he gives us is not only, honest and moving and powerful but totally and utterly new.

Reviewed by prats_patra 9 / 10

Cinematic Splendour

Director Ang Lee takes care of every little detail in the movie. You notice that in the cloud arrangements and camera placements throughout the movie. When you go back to the scenes in the movie, the more you think about them, the more you realize the true meanings.

That said, here starts the real review---------- Entering the theater my expectations weren't that high and I thought that though it had got such good reviews it'll be one of those movies that will end up disappointing me. The story does unfold a little slowly but that really was essential to feel the emotions the characters are feeling. When they're up on the mountains you can really feel the loneliness and solitude in which Ennis and Jack are living in. Once they part ways the movie runs like a journey that one should definitely be a part of. Hours after you finish watching the movie, you can't help but think about the movie.

The actors have done a really good job portraying their roles. Each and every one of them whether its Randy Quaid or the female who plays Ennis's daughter. Obviously special references would go to Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Heath Ledger- It's like the character was created only for him to play it. He plays it so perfectly and flawlessly what you cannot imagine anyone else in his shoes.

Jake Gyllenhaal- His facial expressions!Sigh!!!!The really feel like making you cry sometimes and you feel the disappointment, anger and frustrations he maybe possibly feeling.

The movie gives you the liberty to think what you want of it and that's the problem with it because once you start thinking about it, you just can't stop.

Reviewed by Andres-Camara 3 / 10

When everything is not given importance

This movie that would be a great movie, for my taste is undone by a fact. This fact caused all the rest to fall apart. I tell it in the spoiler zone. Apart I must be the only person who has been a little long but that's the way it is.

Photography, without being the best in the world, is good.

The two main actors are great and the others also

It is well set and putting tough guys in difficult places as opposed to their sexual tendencies is very well thought out.

Although I do not like your address. I know it's hard to think how to plan well and not settle for the camera is a simple observer but here it is and that's saying that Ang Lee does not usually plan badly.

It is appreciated that actors who are beginning to dare to do this type of movies.


At the end of the film, when we see father and daughter, I could not stop staring at Heath Ledger's dyed hair. It is assumed that this is a movie would be big budget. Did not he give them to really age him? I could not help but think, but if you are brothers, how is your father going to be. This fact caused all the rest to fall apart. I really like the symbols he uses, like finding the shirt in the closet.

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