Brigsby Bear


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 10835


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Mark Hamill as Ted Mitchum
Claire Danes as Emily
Andy Samberg as Eric
Greg Kinnear as Detective Vogel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanston_dad 6 / 10

Hampered by an Underdeveloped Screenplay

I soooo wanted to like "Brigsby Bear." I saw it after coming off a string of depressing, bleak movies about people being nasty and mean to one another, and a film with a big heart full of decent characters all wanting to just do the right thing was appealing. But the screenplay for this movie is just lousy, and the film overall simply does not work because of it.

I think the film is meant to strike a satirical tone, kind of a "Napoleon Dynamite" vibe, but it's not confident enough in itself to do it well. It makes a joke out of a dark premise (a child is abducted as a baby and raised by his kidnappers until he's reunited with his birth parents a good 25 years later), which could work under the right circumstances. But it so doggedly avoids dealing with any of the emotional or even just procedural collateral that would come with such a story in its interest to make everything happen easily and neatly. It's like a college student wrote a term paper about a subject he knows nothing about and didn't feel like researching.

Greg Kinnear and Mark Hammill are the most recognizable faces that show up in this one. I would add Jane Adams to the list, but she's in a teensy-tiny part of the movie at the very beginning and is never seen again. I know she's not necessarily a major star, but she's a recognizable enough actress that one wonders if there are additional scenes of her that were left on the cutting room floor.

Grade: C+

Reviewed by EdD5 4 / 10

Weak Conceit and Lukewarm Execution

It's hard to imagine an audience much beyond five or six that wouldn't be bored by this. It's like a much less funny, much more earnest Napolean Dynamite. It is so lacking in edge that it is virtually a marshmallow of inconsequential sequences strung together by emotions which it touts but doesn't really possess or elicit. It's a hipster's fairy tale that mistakes overly calculated naivete for heart and substitutes empty quirk for wit. It goes from A to B and takes forever to get there. If that ride had as much charm as this pretends to have, it might have made it a worthwhile trip. Sadly, it does not.

Reviewed by ThurstonHunger 8 / 10

Destined to be the sweetest cult film?

Cult films usually have an edge, one of weirdness or danger, maybe both. Rarely do they feel like they foster a hope in mankind, sure the Dude Abides, but Brigsby flourishes.

I strongly agree with statements here saying the less you know the better, so I'll mark this review as a spoiler and hope folks stumbling across my profile here, just see this based on the rating. My twin teens and myself knew very little about this. In fact I watched about 15 minutes of it alone when my instincts were telling me to trust the film and have the boys join me in watching it.

I'm glad they did, and they are as well (rare are the movies where neither one says, "how long have we been watching" which happens even on films they claim to love). But they were committed to this one, and my guess is most teens feel to some degree as estranged as Kyle Mooney's character does in this. Although that character James' story is beyond ludicrous, somehow the filmmakers manage to elicit authentic feelings and resonance from it.

And it does with sex, drugs and some "dope as sh*t" mocking. But don't get hung up on that, focus instead on the family bonds. The old cliché of who are you and where did my son gets turned on its ear. Ultimately the message of creativity as a saving grace or guiding force, is good to hear at any age.

My comment to my boys was be the Spencer to someone's James. That character was noble. In Mooney, I see a comic who is both fine with self-denigrating humor that he stays buoyant through and thus winds up as self-affirming. He's done that often in his SNL skits, and this is a promising step out of that box.

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