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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Martin Randall 7 / 10

Weird But Worth Watching

I was curious about Rian Johnson and why he was picked to direct the mega-million dollar blow-out, The Last Jedi. His resume is not that impressive but I did notice that he directed 3 pivotal (and very good) episodes of Breaking Bad and he directed 2012's loopy time bender, Looper. I liked Looper, and I worship upon the altar of Breaking Bad. So, when I had the opportunity to watch another one of Rian Johnson's films, I jumped at the chance.

Brick is an odd concoction. It is carried by the under-appreciated Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays a difficult role brilliantly. Here's the thing about Brick. It is set in contemporary times but features high school kids and associated adults (parents, teachers, etc.) who speak and act like 1930's-era movie thugs. "What you looking at, you a wise guy? Why don't you put an egg in your shoe and beat it, see?" Well, the dialog wasn't quite that bad but close.

This project reminded me almost immediately of the equally weird 1996 version of Romeo & Juliet, directed by Baz Luhrmann. That film was also set in contemporary times with teenagers running around spouting archaic language forms and acting like they were all misplaced in time.

Brick produces some downright laughable scenes, especially when Lukas Haas is around. He plays a teenaged crime kingpin, called The Pin, get it? His attempts at bad-assery fall flat and all I could see was a sweet looking kid delivering awkward lines. Noah Fleiss, the sweet looking kid from Josh and S.A.M. and Joe the King, also fails to sell his role as Tug, an evil mob enforcer and all-around skunk. In fact, none of the cast (aside from Gordon-Levitt) perform their roles believably and the entire film comes off at times like a middle-school production of The Maltese Falcon. A middle school production but with weird homo-erotic and sadomasochistic bits almost randomly tossed into the mix.

All criticisms aside, Brick is worth watching because it tries something different and almost pulls it off. After a while , you forget the absurdity of the gangster-movie wannabe quality of the film and get into it. The story-line is good and again Joseph Gordon-Levitt is brilliant in the lead role.

Brick on one level is very funny. Forgive me but I still laugh at the image of Lukas Haas dressed up in a stereotypical bad guy suit (complete with a cape) and delivering awful dialog with a straight face. Weird, offbeat, and fun, Brick is certainly worth watching even if it doesn't quite work. I came away with the feeling that Rian Johnson thoroughly enjoyed making the film.

One disturbing aspect is that, for all of the potential fun in the film, it is about the brutal murder of a young girl and the resulting chaos inflicted upon her friends and family. If not for that, Brick could easily have been turned into a comedy and been a much more popular film.

Reviewed by J_Carls 8 / 10

A sparkling, absurdist mash-up of teen angst and film noir movies

Anyone who loves cinema and isn't full of themselves will love this movie. It manages to both satirize two genres while also being a well-constructed example of both. It does this by taking one classic vocabulary of sociopathic behavior (1930's gangster movies) and applies it to different set of sociopathic characters (self-absorbed, oh-so-serious teenagers).

I have only two complaints. The first is that the dialog can be so stylized (in a beautifully realized combination of teen slang and gangster-speak) that you may want to use subtitles (or just watch the film again immediately). Yet, the dialog is often inventive (sometimes hilariously) and is definitely worth the time to watch.

The other complaint is the number of one-star reviews I am seeing from people who, to be honest, cannot possibly meet the qualifications I mentioned at the beginning of this review. I can only guess that they came into this movie with a fixed idea of what it was going to be like and refused to change that expectation (or maybe they just needed those subtitles). But that is this movie's most obvious strength: It is simply not what you expect.

Reviewed by KalKenobi83 9 / 10

A Great Neo-Noir Hard boiled Detective Story In High School

Watched Brick Featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt(Havoc) as Brendan Frye , Emilie De Ravin(Roswell) as Emily Kostich ,Nora Zhetner(May) as Laura Dannon, Matt O'Leary(Spy Kids 2:The Island Of Lost Dreams) as The Brain,Noah Fleiss(Joe The King) as Tug,Noah Segan(Self Medicated) as Dode, Brian J.White(The Family Stone) as Brian Bramish, Lukas Haas(The Youth In Us) as The Pin ,Megan Goode(Kevin Hill) as Kara and Richard Roundtree(Se7en) as Vice Principal Trueman . The film is awesome as it Incorporates Hammetts hard boiled detective novels work with The Brilliance John Hughes The Breakfast Club into an excellent Neo-Noir Thriller also great character development for each of the characters also really exciting and thrilling as well also Amazing Performances from Levitt,Haas and Zhetner A Great Neo-Noir Hardboiled Detective Story In High School Amazing Score By Nathan Johnson and Cinematography by Steve Yeldin,Writing/Direction By Rian Johnson A Great Neo-Noir Hard boiled Detective Story In High School 9/10

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