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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tyboulder 8 / 10

A piece to help you think

This movie is a fascinating collection of opinions and thoughts on the subject of the Brexit vote, delivered straight to the camera from people living in Britain, post-vote. It also adds an interesting mix of "expert" opinion to the end of the film.

I felt this documentary really succeeded at capturing passionate and persuasive opinions from many angles. I really liked this approach. There were people who I agreed with and disagreed with on both sides of the issue. I could also feel my own opinion shift around a bit as I watched.

The film doesn't hide from the complexity of the situation, so as a result many ideas come into play. This makes it more interesting, but it also makes it harder to come to a simple resolution of your own. (Not a bad thing in my opinion.)

The last quote in the film is really interesting. I had to watch it twice to make sure I got it. It reinforced to me the careful approach that the film took-and the priority it made of helping to generate understanding (in place of its agenda or criticisms). Definitely recommended for those interested in the nature of Brexit- and in politics as they exist today.

Reviewed by scottcoe 1 / 10

The Unhinged Left And Their Globalist Masters.

This documentary is billed as "a funny, sometimes terrifying and non-judgemental look at the new populist politics sweeping western democracies," and yet those in the film cannot see the reasons for the rise of populism, despite their "look" at it.

The great mass of ethnic British people, and westerners in general, those of European origin all over the western world, are tired of sixty years of neo-liberal economic policy arm in arm with cultural Marxism designed to destroy the classical western nation-state, and with it, the ethnic/cultural identities of Europeans and western societies.

Those in this documentary are part of the problem, not the solution. They only aggravate the situation with more PC nonsense. Their way of "fixing" things has lead to the rise of the very political course they find "terrifying". Well a great many westerners see never-ending mass migration and rule by means of globalist corporations and NGO groups as terrifying. So it's good to see the boot on the other foot for once.

Reviewed by Stanton Carlisle 4 / 10

Biased, one sided, Project Fear,anti Brexiteers, semi propaganda piece.

The 1983 Labour Manifesto was resolutely Anti EU, declaring it would be better for ordinary working folk to have access to cheaper food and goods from a worldwide market. Rather than being at the mercy of huge EU tariffs and EU bureaucracy. Labour 1983, also saw the Treaty of Rome & the EU as something to break free from, for the good of the country. And this was before the EU, had begun to increase its power. Before the UK had signed up to the Barcelona Agreement and an open door policy to large numbers of migrants from non-EU related countries. No where in this documentary do we get facts about the huge numbers of immigrants - 300,000 to 600,000 a year. How much this costs - an average $17bn a year. Or the effects on social services, education , communities etc. No one in Britain voted for these massive social changes. Yet everything in this documentary is dumbed down to become an issue about race. The film maker threw aside a good opportunity to broaden the focus of the documentary into something more interesting. But if you want a career in film making today, don't forget to ramp up the cognitive bias and stick to the cliches.

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