Breathe In


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 12803


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Felicity Jones as Sophie
Guy Pearce as Keith Reynolds
Mackenzie Davis as Lauren Reynolds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hager Ahmed 5 / 10

Gross affair

The movie is fascinating in many different ways. Precious cinematography and visuals, with a soothing and beautiful soundtrack that rhymes with the ascending plot and the musical nature of the movie. My only problem with the film is emotional, the concept and the relationship between both main characters seems gross to me. For the first time in my life I'm not feeling any sympathy for the main characters, personally I hate the way they were behaving or maybe worse I do hate the main characters. Maybe this adds some reality to the film. They didn't force the viewer to like the affair, the movie is just like a real life situation and a person's feeling towards the concept or the idea determines whether they accept the film or not.

Reviewed by picasdan 7 / 10

The denial of human tensions

Sometimes I would allow myself to indulge in a film of little popularity and reputation. Yet, most of the time, such an indulgence doesn't disappoint me; Breathe in successfully blows some fresh air into my perspective.

The initial welcoming altitude to novel elements in life, which refers to the introduction of Sophie into the Reynolds, is in stark contrast with the resultant frustration of the disruption of life by the very same element. This is built up with care, especially the transformation of the relationship between Sophie and Keith. Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce deserve every acclaim they receive for depicting the characters with such an authenticity.

Sophie seems to be so compatible to Keith; they understand each other's music in a way that Keith's family members couldn't. This bothers me as if Keith and his wife are not really in profound understanding of each other, why would they marry? An irony as it may seem, this is justified by the dependence of marriage on fate; one's wife or husband may not necessarily the best match for him or her, but at a certain time in life, such a decision to get engaged appear credulous and justifiable.

Family ties with responsibility. I doubt if there's anyone in the family who is not aware of Keith's affection for Sophie, yet they remain in solidarity upon the leaving of Sophie. A notion raised in one of the episodes of Orange is the new black that I'm watching coincides with the point that Breathe in puts across: the greatest fear of human beings is encountering collateral damage; humans would opt for choices that would make the least destruction, not the one in accordance to morality.

Reviewed by surirockz94 7 / 10

Intense yet disturbing drama

I was a fan of director Drake Doremus after watchin' his "Like Crazy", the main reason of watching these movie despite of the reviews and ratings, was felicity jones & the direcor. The movie was an intense drama with solid performances from Guy Pearce and Felicity Jones, delivering the delicacy intimation of troubled unveiled emotions inside a married yet a father and an 18-years old girl. May be some find the plot line was disturbing, the film made it up with its measured direction and BGM. what bugs me about the movie was, what happens to Sophie(Felicity Jones) aftermath of the family's exploiting reunion.?? i really need to know what she does with her insecurities and independent little girl inside her?

A movie which makes us think twice of ourselves(for those who simply gets involved in this film)

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