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Andrew Garfield as Robin Cavendish
Diana Rigg as Lady Neville
Jonathan Hyde as Dr. Entwistle
Miranda Raison as Mary Dawney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SusanShop 10 / 10

Love can conquer all

Saw this film last night without reading any previously written reviews, and I thought it absolutely outstanding. The devotion that Robin and Diana had for each other, encountering such a life altering event only one year into a marriage would likely destroy most marriages. Addressing the ignorance and lack of empathy from the medical community must have been a real slog, and it is to their credit that such amazing inroads were made to better the lives of polio victims and other disabled persons. While the world has become a better place for those "outside the norm", there is still so much yet to be done. The cast and Jonathan Cavendish should win all the BAFTAs and Oscars possible. This film gave me hope that we can all be better than we are.

Reviewed by pada 9 / 10

Oscar winning material 9/10

Not perfect but pretty damn close to perfection .

I've said it before the best films are based on real events . Andy Garfield deserves the best actor Oscar . This one will make you laugh , cry and smile .

One man's fight for survival against the odds with the loving support of his wife and son who incidentally produced the film .

Excellent casting , acting and directing by Serkis . Beautiful photography a film that ought to be depressing was actually somewhat uplifting and you'll want to see it again and look up the real story .

A British cinematic masterpiece worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Pad.A 9/10

Reviewed by Lugo1989 7 / 10

Inspiring story nicely presented

Breathe is an inspiring and heartwarming story about a man diagnosed with the disease that forever changed his life and the lives of people around him. It is impossible to imagine being trapped in your own body and still somehow stay positive, motivated and change the lives of the people who are equally unfortunate..

Claire Foy and Andrew Garfield did a great job, as well as the supporting cast. The film could maybe have a bigger emotional impact and leave viewers with a bit more after watching it. Breathe is still a solid film with nice photography, pace and the story itself.

Recommended to everyone who like drama film, love stories and films about the triumph of the human spirit.

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