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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wuchak 7 / 10

A cabin in the woods where sexual immorality equals death at the hands of Hansel & Gretel

RELEASED IN 2011 and directed by Mike Nichols (not the famous director), "Bread Crumbs" is a slasher taking place on remote Long Island where a 9-person crew travel to shoot a porn flick at a rented house in the woods. Unfortunately for them, two weird teens and perhaps a woodsman are lurking in the area and the crew starts getting violently assaulted one-by-one.

The reason I watched this movie is because it was included in a DVD multi-pack of slashers where the five other films were no-budget independent flicks. What's strange is that "Bread Crumbs" doesn't fit that category because this is a slasher that smacks of professionalism. Now, people may not like it, but it IS a professionally-made movie. But, is it any good? I think so, here's why...

While the topic of a porn crew is distasteful (to me, at least) it's a perfect set-up for the slasher tradition that sexual immorality equals death. Although a couple of the crew are unlikable, most of them are more-or-less genial with past-her-prime Angie particularly winning the viewer's sympathy (Marianne Hagan). Two of 'em are the requisite sexpots, a typical vapid blond (Alana Curry) and a voluptuous equally-vapid brunette (Zoe Sloane).

The "Hansel and Gretel" characters look to be around 17 (Henry) and 16 (Patti). The former is played by Dan Shaked while the latter by Amy Crowdis. Patti is a somewhat interesting character and Amy possesses a unique beauty.

The tone is austere with maybe a little realistic humor thrown-in, but the air quickly turns dead serious by the second act with suspense effectively building. Meanwhile you wonder the purpose behind the attacks and who's going to live, if any. The cinematography features some awesome visuals, particularly in the last act, and the score & soundtrack are fitting.

THE MOVIE RUNS 88 minutes and was shot in far eastern Long Island, New York (Sag Harbor & Southhampton).


ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY ***SPOILER ALERT*** (Don't read further if you haven't seen the movie).

An armchair critic argued that the crew could easily overpower the two teens & the woodsman, but (1.) it was night, (2.) they didn't know the area, and (3.) they didn't have any weapons. By contrast, the antagonists (1.) lived there, (2.) knew the area well, and (3.) had several weapons, including bow & arrows, knives, axes and hidden traps. Besides, Henry wasn't a kid and could have easily been around 20 years-old, same thing with Patti. Then there's the woodsman who was a formidable full-fledged adult.

Lastly, the crew wasn't sure how many people were behind the attacks. Some of their colleagues were either seriously wounded or dead and they were understandably freaking out and simply seeking a way to survive the night and following day.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 2 / 10


The cast and crew of a porno movie travel to a remote woodland location where they find themselves menaced by a boy and girl who live in the forest.

When you think about them, some children's fairy tales are pretty messed up, Hansel & Gretel being a prime example: a brother and sister are abandoned by their parents in a forest, left to die of exposure or starvation, but find themselves rescued by an old woman who lives in a gingerbread house. What they don't realise is that the lady is a cannibalistic witch who intends to eat them. It's enough to give kids sleepless nights.

BreadCrumbs, which is inspired by Hansel and Gretel, is the opposite: it's likely to send its viewers soundly off to sleep. Directed by Mike Nichols (NOT the one who gave us The Graduate), the film is about as bland and forgettable as horror gets, with unlikeable characters, dull kills, and an uninspired plot that provides little exposition (why are the kids homicidal, how are they able to pop up anywhere at any time, and where are they getting their candy from?). The porn shoot plot device at least promises copious nookie and nudity from several good looking women, but barring one brief sex scene and the gratuitous exposing of the same actress's tits later on in the film, BreadCrumbs disappoints on that count as well.

Reviewed by tmdarby 4 / 10

Creepy Feel, but a lot of mistakes

This movie could have been okay. The creepy feel of the movie was done pretty well. The acting was about what you'd expect from a B rated horror. The story made enough sense for a slasher flick.

The things that took me out of the movie were the mistakes. A lot of these I can only think must have been due to bad production or directing.

A good spoiler free example of this is how constantly through out the movie they are risking going outside the cabin (because that's where the killers are), but the eventually end up running for their life back into the cabin. Makes sense right, except THEY ARE ALWAYS FORGETTING TO CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND THEM. That kind of stuff just ruins a movie for me. If you're running from an axe wielding murderer, I would think you'd close the door behind you.

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