Born Free


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
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Virginia McKenna as Joy Adamson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 8 / 10

We want them to be an angel, but being wild is what defines them.

I thought I dreamt about these lions when I was a kid, but when I came to know about this film that made me realise I actually saw this film when I was a very young to remember anything. It was a few images remained in memory, that's how I tracked it. So while watching this now brought back those scary moments. Yep, I was scared like hell, like the character Kendall from it was. Childhood is like a dream, until we re-encounter those things we held, met, seen, which wakes up our memory after a long time and becoming adults.

I really enjoyed watching it, because I love animals. But what I did not like was harming the animals. I don't think animals were harmed while making this film, and they even smartly censored story/scene that consists harming/killing them. Actually the film was inspired by the real story, in that, the animals were killed and that is what this film depicted, yet disappoints from that perspective. The time has changed, now it is different, we learnt our lesson, so I hope we focus on protecting this magnificent animal to be born free and to be wild.

The Africa was very beautifully portrayed. One of the best films on the wild animal theme I've ever seen. It was a documentary style narration with a little story from the human couple. Hats off to the real Joy and George Adamson. It won a couple of Oscars in the category of music and song. But I think it deserved more than that. I can't believe it is rated PG, but I scared watching it as a kid and I believe the young children with the awareness of the true nature of the lions would do the same. But still highly recommended for all ages. We have now 'Duma', 'Two Brothers' and many more, but this film is something special and you will know it after a watch.


Reviewed by Maddyclassicfilms 9 / 10

Elsa enchants

Born Free was directed by James Hill, has a screenplay by Lester Cole and is based on the book by Joy Adamson. The film stars Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers, Geoffrey Keen and many lions.

Born Free tells the true story of the playful and curious lioness called Elsa. Elsa and her two siblings were orphaned cubs who were rescued in Kenya by Joy (Virginia McKenna)and George Adamson(Bill Travers).

The cubs formed a strong bond with the couple, Elsa was closest to Joy and the Adamson's photos show their special bond, Elsa was more like a pet cat than a lion. George and Joy taught her how to survive in the wild and released her, she still came to visit them from time to time and despite having become a wild creature never forgot her bond with them. Elsa's siblings were sent to a zoo. Elsa died in 1961.

This is such a beautiful film and is a must see for animal lovers. The lions used to portray Elsa and the cubs were looked after by George Adamson following filming and he taught them to survive in the wild. There's a beautiful video of George sleeping under a tree, one of his lions is sleeping next to him with his paw resting on George's chest. I so envy the Adamson's for their special bond with these creatures.

Tragically both George and Joy were murdered in Kenya. Joy was murdered in 1980 and George was killed in 1989 as he rescued his assistant and a tourist from armed poachers at his reserve. McKenna and Travers(who were married)became friends with George and got involved in animal conservation themselves. They made several films and documentaries about animals and they founded the Born Free Foundation in the 90's. Travers died in 1994 but Virginia and the couples son are still involved with the foundation today.

McKenna and Travers are both very good in the film, they portray the great love the Adamson's had for one another and their shared love for the lions they have rescued and raised. The real stars of the film though are the lions themselves and they move and amuse in equal measure.

Matt Monro's theme song is unforgettable and adds to the film.

Reviewed by Spikeopath 8 / 10

The wonders of Elsa.

Born Free is based on George and Joy Adamson and their raising of a lioness during their time living at a game reserve in Kenya. It's directed by James Hill, adapted to screenplay by Lester Cole, and stars Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers as the Adamsons. Music is by John Barry and cinematography by Kenneth Talbot.

It's a classic case of a family film keeping everything simple for maximum results. A big hit upon release, as was the book written by Joy Adamson, the beautiful landscapes and emotionally swirling musical score marry up perfectly with the story being told. There's some liberties taken with the facts, both with humans and lions, but we aren't in to this pic for any sort of misery or grimy drama. We want, and get, feel good, a time for animal lovers to rejoice and wipe that fly from the eye. 8/10

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