Book of Blood


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
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Sophie Ward as Mary Florescu
Clive Russell as Wyburd
Jonas Armstrong as Simon McNeal
Doug Bradley as Tollington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amorpurusbg 5 / 10

Deep story that makes sense but not a horror, and not that interesting

Viewers friendly with a kind of a deep story. I didn't really got the story until I read some reviews after the movie.

Not really horror except for 2 scenes - the backstory and the creepy end. There are also some sex scenes with nudity.

In the very beginning the viewer meets the main character who actually tells us the story "how he ended like this".

There are a hot teacher, tough guy obviously not her husband and a freshman (student).

There is a haunted house where things are supposed to happen.

The backstory of the house is the only good thing about this movie - scary and brutal, there is violence, blood, skin torn apart. They show you things you wanna see in the movie but you never see.

Killings close to none. Nothing paranormal. A little blood, a little more blood and a lot of blood in this movie. Disney's Pirate of the Caribbean was a better horror movie.

Nothing is what you think it is.

I lost interest in watching it after some time, but finished the movie. The sex scene was a big distraction for me. Most of the time nothing really happened.

I would have voted 3/10 but there were like 2 good scenes.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

Highway of the dead...

It is no secret that it was the promise of another Clive Barker horror story that lured me in to watch "Book of Blood". And the synopsis for the movie also did sound fairly interesting.

As the movie came to an end, I was left with a sensation that this was definitely not the best of material from Clive Barker. Especially because the story was mediocre at best and it was so predictable that it was almost a farce.

The story started out quite well and it did have potential. However, it quickly became quite predictable to the point where there were no surprises or anything overly impressive to be witnessed throughout the course of this movie. At best, then the storyline can be summarized as being generic.

It should be said that the acting in the movie was adequate, and people actually managed surprisingly well in the face of having a very generic and predictable script to work with.

The concept idea of the story behind "Book of Blood" is quite interesting, but it suffered tremendously under a very generic script, which hardly did the concept idea much justice.

There were some interesting enough scenes throughout the movie, and I did like the way that the main character served as a medium for the entities at the gateway. And it was quite graphic at times, and that worked in favor of the movie - providing you can stomach things like that, of course.

What topped off the experience was the ending of the movie. The movie went from being mediocre to being downright ludicrous at that moment. It is without a doubt some of the most laughable attempt of making a movie interesting that I have seen in a horror movie in a long, long time. And it didn't serve the movie in any positive way, quite the opposite actually.

"Book of Blood" had potential to be a good and interesting horror movie, but it just failed horribly given the poor script and the direction that the movie took at the end.

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 7 / 10

The dead will always have stories to tell.

Wyburd (Clive Russell), a sociopathic goon who procures victims for a particularly macabre "collector", has just selected Simon McNeal (Jonas Armstrong), a handsome but sickly looking young man he spots in a diner. He escorts the young man away, to a secluded cabin where he prepares to flay this unfortunate soul. First, however, he is curious enough to know his captives' story, especially when he sees that so much of his skin is covered with bloody marks and printing. In his recent past, Simon had been helping author / professor Mary Florescu (Sophie Ward) conduct some research, by investigating a "haunted" house where a horrible, mysterious murder had taken place.

There's enough here that is by now overly familiar (including the fact that Simon was a haunted individual with the power of second sight, a la 'The Dead Zone') to prevent "Book of Blood" from being anything special or great. But that doesn't mean that it isn't compelling, in a very sad and sordid way. Director / co-screenwriter John Harrison, who adapted the Clive Barker stories 'The Book of Blood' and 'On Jerusalem Street', does manage a fairly good balancing act here, combining mood, atmosphere, pathos, gore, sex, and nudity into a reasonably effective whole. Admittedly, the whole idea of the human body turned into a journal of sorts for those that have passed on is a good hook. The deliberately drab look adds to the overall sense of doom and gloom, and the ending IS one that could stick with some viewers. Some interesting visuals are created throughout.

The four leads (also including Paul Blair as Mary's associate Reg Fuller) do capable work. Studly Armstrong is remarkably sincere, and for those who are interested, he gets nude but stops shy of doing full frontal. The lovely Ward is quite easy to watch. Be sure to watch for the cameos by Simon Bamford ("Hellraiser" 1 and 2) and Doug "Pinhead" Bradley.

Good bloody fun for 101 straight minutes.

Seven out of 10.

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