Bon Cop Bad Cop 2


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2015


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Erik Knudsen as Jonathan
Colm Feore as Martin Ward
Noam Jenkins as Sylvio Dipietro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kluseba 10 / 10

It was worth the wait

I'm usually not a fan of sequels of any kind. Eleven years ago, the original ''Bon Cop Bad Cop'' portrayed the divergences and similarities between Anglo- and Franco-Canadians perfectly in a movie filled with diversified humour, stunning action sequences and a whole lot of suspense and tension plus some entertaining cultural elements related to ice hockey being Canada's national sport. This movie had a huge impact on my teenage years and is still one of my favourite films of all times. It was clear that a potential sequel couldn't be any better than this.

And yet, ''Bon Cop Bad Cop 2'' was more than just a positive surprise and is in fact as great as the perfect original movie. The creators managed to achieve this stunning result by developing a balanced mixture of trademarks from the original film and refreshing new elements instead of just copying what had been done eleven years earlier. They kept the talented two main actors Colm Feore and Patrick Huard who have great chemistry on and off the screen, the diversified humour including amusing cultural inspirations, inside jokes for Canadians and raw comedy elements plus a solid dose of action and tension. The movie includes a handful of new elements such as a convincing story line expanding to the United States of America that fits surprisingly well in times of Trump's presidency and the rise of terrorism all around the world, two main characters that have clearly influenced each other both negatively and positively but who have also become more mature and serious in a credible way and an overall more brutal and sinister tone that makes the action sequences even more explosive, the suspenseful elements even more gripping and the humorous parts even more relieving.

Even though this movie also focuses on Canada's diversified cultures, it might be more accessible internationally because it's easier to relate to the characters and their everyday life problems as well as to the story line involving two countries now. To be honest, this film is much better than any flick mixing elements of action, comedy and thriller cinema that has come out of the United States in the past ten years. More people should watch this movie as well as its brilliant predecessor. I have never liked sequels but now I hope that there is going to be another film of this franchise in the future. This movie makes me proud to live in Canada.

Reviewed by tomasso 8 / 10

Tabarnak, it's good!

I've just created an account in order to post a few words about this movie. I can't really write reviews but I simply think this movie deserves more popularity.

Canadians had us wait 11 years for part 2 of their "Good Cop, Bad Cop" story. It was worth it but I just wish they did more movies. So many things here as just done better than in American flicks.

The characters aren't flat, they are real, likable with own backstories. It's quite rare for comedies and action flicks. The action scenes also feel real, not fake like another Fast and Furious, not filled with CGI, believable. The acting is great. The main duo just killed it! They delivered laughs, seriousness and even had that chemistry, like true old friends. The story is not cliché. No one tries to clear his name, no revenge, no saving the world. Just two cops doing their job. Not some heroes, not some adrenaline pumped guys. Again, real! But don't get me wrong, it's not a documentary. Plot is interesting and have some twists. The whole movie is over 2 hours and I didn't have that feeling, quite usual for 90 min. US movies, it ended before it started. Every minute was planned well.

But what I found here that I don't find in American movies is some cultural background. Here, in Europe, we don't really know much about Canada. They love their maples, hockey and some of them speak French. That's basically all I knew. Now I even know some Quebec French profanities! And inserting French words and expressions into English (and vice versa) sounds interesting, sort of fresh. It made me read more about French Canadians and Quebec. Good read, I recommend!

So good job, Canadians, please do more!

Reviewed by kaukabkhan 10 / 10

Best of best. Must watch.

Wonderful movie by wonderful actors and director. Plot was very nice and funny. We Americans failed to understand some of the real issues in our country which is creating our hatred towards one another but here they tried to explain whatever we see and we hear are not true. Politicians are making our country very very bad. I never expect Canadian movie will be this much awesome. Very very thrilling and interested movie. i would recommend to watch this movie ad i promise you will enjoy.


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