Boiler Room


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Ben Affleck as Jim Young
Vin Diesel as Chris Varick
Anson Mount as Broker
Giovanni Ribisi as Seth Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Marc Israel 7 / 10

Long Island Big City dreams awash in blind desire

A complimentary film to the big boys of high finance drama (Glengarry Glen Ross, Wall Street). If all movies are a homage/statement/spin-off of past movies, there should be a reason to make it beyond the desire to recreate/translate/financially benefit from those other films. The Big Short captures not only the testosterone and deceit of Wall Street but tells a story of how the Mortgage failures affected America and beyond. It's actually educational as well as being presented uniquely and interestingly.

Boiler Room attempts to share the rip offs of the trade but fell way short of accomplishing on any of those levels.

Boiler Room has its moments and small points mostly noted by Giovanni Ribisi as new broker dumbstruck by guys who wanted and made money but had no idea what they wanted to do with it. One "millionaire" executives' home is void of furniture and another lives with his grandmother. The hip hop soundtrack is a perfect match for the concept of work put in/money made but whose results are devoid of gratitude/long standing worth/meaning. One characters' persona is acting and talking in gangsta/homeboy shtick which he gets away with due to his place in the firm. But why would a successful businessman ever aspire to achieve that? This is the movies' strong message.

The Ben Aflac character is a poor rip off of Alec Baldwin and Nicky Katt is a one dimensional piece of wood, although quite believable if you've been around high financier wanna-bes. but did not resonate with this viewer as having a purpose in the film other than to be the bad guy. Throw in his treatment if the secretary to ensure we have no pity for him.

Much like Wall Street, the female angle is inserted to allow our broker to express remorse to a women who had previously been played by the boss but got paid for it. Why isHollywood so fixated on prostitution?

The family element of the Federal Judge was not as bad as others stated and offers up our brokers reasons for attempting to go legit. Every son wants to impress his Dad at some point, right? We even had the Mother as enabler of the Fathers' tough treatment if his son.

Once past the film set up, it does begin to breathe and is more enjoyable and the back and forth between the Jewish and Italian pit bosses worked well. The mystery of what was going on is not clarified to the point that it needed to be and the a Wall Street ending of some redemption has its dramatic purpose but overall this film doesn't come across as original, much like The Wolf Of Wall Street which came out decades later about the same story.

Yes, a sale is always made, just like an opinion about a movie. If you don't understand the game being played then you, as a viewer, feel like it's you who was the latest mark.

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 6 / 10

Room for You

This is an entertaining movie in many ways filled with memorable scenes making it a watch it again movie. Good acting and quite a few supporting characters make us believe the story no problem. The movie stirs up your greed and fear genes as well as your emotions as you watch and are let in on con games that are well rehearsed and for the ones that pull it off very lucrative too. However, the movie makes this point; "it is not what a man has but how he came to have it" and that haunts the viewer for it truthfulness. If we can help someone do so and if not at least do no harm is a good take away to leave with for this movie. Enjoy Vin Diesel as he makes his acting known and look forward to the inside moves of the stock market and how those that do not know anything are prey for this predator assuming that something is amiss or fishy. Blue chip stocks don't do much as this movie states but who doesn't want to make money? We see that with Google, Snapchat, Microsoft and all the rest of those start-ups. The idea is to have your stock and eat it too and that takes knowing what you are doing to some degree not to mention being able to afford to lose. Yes, there is a downside to everything and before you risk, know that downside! Good movie for a sandwich and tasty drink with a favorite snack. Be prepared for lots of foul language which turned me off and while it sometimes conveys the reality of a situation you can also over do it too. That is he case here. Another good lesson you will find here that when the police get involved it is game-over to be sure. BTW...if you get the urge to want to buy stock, play some monopoly you know the fun board game to get it out of your system win or lose. Enjoy

Reviewed by felix-wyderka 8 / 10

"Boiler Room" is not only a story about brokers but also the customers they scam

It is very refreshing seeing Ribisi finally playing a good guy. He delivers an outstanding performance and has a great chemistry with Vin Diesel. A movie similar to the movie classic "Wall Street" and yet different. We once again get taken into the world of stocks and brokers and it is done in such a lovely way that it is just a joy to watch. "Boiler Room" is another movie that shows the audience how dangerous the stock market can be for both, broker and customer. This movie, unlike other movie with a similar theme, also focus on the effect of the sales and stocks on the customers not only the brokers. It shows us how destructive just a single sale can be and how easily a simple hard working citizen can loose everything, including their family. In conclusion we can say that "Boiler Room" doesn't quiet hold up as good as "Wall Street" but it most certainly is a close second.

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