Body of Evidence


Action / Drama / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 6%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Julianne Moore as Sharon Dulaney
Willem Dafoe as Frank Dulaney
Madonna as Rebecca Carlson
Anne Archer as Joanne Braslow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lamegabyte 1 / 10

# 01 : Too much is too much

When your teen idol releases simultaneously erotic songs, a sex book and a nude movie, you feel just sad and know that things would never be the same with her ! I have never understood her choice, all the more than all her products are awful, bad taste and proposes a rather deviant, gloomy, psychotic sexuality ! Is this Madonna hot ? Not at all ! This movie is so dumb that it's finally funny. There is a evident effort to build something respectful with the famous cast and the care for judicial proceeding but at the end, nobody believes it as every opportunity to get nude is exploited. To see Dafoe as crazy as a bitch is just the worst part he did in his career and watching Langella telling how Madonna exhausted him is just the best comedy of the year ! If you like to do trash, the movie is for you and if you are a Madonna fan, well, try to forget it !

Reviewed by jovana-13676 7 / 10

Body of evidence, indeed!

Madonna's acting is not as bad as the script is. In fact, I don't think that Madonna is a bad actress at all. When presented with a good material, she delivers. But she tends to pick the characters that match her public persona. In this film, Madonna's body is a thing of beauty to look at and admire. She channels the actresses of the classic Hollywood era, which I adore, and has the best boobs in the history of Hollywood.

Reviewed by atomicgirl-34996 6 / 10

A Sleazy Basic Instinct Meets Witness for the Prosecution

When I first saw this movie, I was disgusted beyond belief. I don't know what it was but there was something about the sex scenes that came across as very scuzzy. I still can't place my finger on why. I've seen so many sex scenes and have even watched the occasional porno or two but there was always something about the way the scenes that were shot in Body of Evidence that had be wanting to jump into a hot bath and scrub my skin with a scouring pad. Some other reviewers said that the scenes were a little too realistic and that may have been the reason.

More than a decade later, I saw Body of Evidence again but this time I saw the R- rated version. Ironically, when the sex scenes are scaled down, it's a much better movie. It's not a brilliant film, of course, but a legitimately entertaining popcorn flick that's like a cross between Basic Instinct and Witness for the Prosecution. It's also beautifully shot; I was surprised at the level of cinematography for what's essentially a sleazy softcore movie.

Some of the dialogue is also a lot wittier than you'd expect for a film like this. The last scene between Joe Mantegna and Willem Dafoe is a hoot. Dafoe's character is asked if he believes in karma. After he says, "No," Mantegna's character says, "Everyone gets theirs in the end, except for lawyers." Dafoe, who feels guilty after winning the case, then tells Mantegna that he should've won instead and Mantegna says, "I did." Okay, it's no Dashiell Hammett, but it made me chuckle.

Also, there are some clever subtleties in the movie that I particularly liked. For example, when Dafoe goes to confront Madonna after she lies to him, look at how she's dressed. Up until that scene, she is dressed and styled like someone from the 1940s. The movie even went so far as to have her wear vintage style "granny panties", garter belts and stockings in many of her scenes! But after the twist, her face, hair and demeanor are different and she has on a pair of elegant, but modern style white satin pajamas. She goes from looking and sounding like this very old-fashioned, 1940s style woman into a typical 1990s chick. I know this doesn't sound like much given how cheesy the movie is, but I was pleasantly surprised by the transformation because I thought she was just going to still turn up looking like something out of Casablanca. The filmmakers didn't have to go that extra mile, but it was a very nice touch.

Anyway, if you're interested at all in seeing this movie, I strongly suggest avoiding the uncut version. I know it sounds counterproductive because, hey-- who wouldn't want long, extended sex scenes in a movie? But trust me. They're not the type of sex scenes that you want to see, and they cheapen the movie, anyway. See the R-rated version instead and expect nothing more than an entertaining popcorn flick.

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