Boarding School



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Samantha Mathis as Isabel
Will Patton as Dr. Sherman
Sterling Jerins as Christine Holcomb
Robert John Burke as Mr. Holcomb
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lstorchevoy 7 / 10

Very enjoyable and entertaining

This is a remarkably done and elegantly delivered thriller, which is distinguishable by superb acting, splendid directing and - most importantly - an intriguing story that keeps you captured till the very end. As if all of this is not enough, Boarding School offers numerous extras that add a nice flavor to the film such as the themes of parental hatred, child loneliness and alienation, and allusions to the Holocaust; artistic depiction of the duality of good and evil; as well as a charming La Cumparsita tango score. Very enjoyable and entertaining indeed. A bit of advice to all US movie makers: try to find for a part of a Jewish character someone who looks at least remotely Jewish (this applies both to the boy and his mother).

Reviewed by megandoss 8 / 10


It has been some time since I have seen a kid with such pur acting chops. I loved Luke Prael as Jacob. He really keeps us wondering what is going on in that expansive imagination/head of his. His performance was near perfect alongside some other amazing young stars; not forgetting to mention a particularly breathtaking performance from the young starlet. This is a must see for indie lovers and lovers of horror outside the box. Just watch this if you appreciate the art of acting. I foresee a long career for Prael...if he keps it up and chooses his scripts wisely he can and will become one of the greats.

Reviewed by nehpetstephen 7 / 10

A surprisingly thoughtful, well-executed thrill movie

This film makes the most of a modest budget. I watched it well aware that it had received fairly horrible reviews from most film critics, expecting to turn it off after a few minutes. I was surprised to find a film with such an air of specificity to its details. There are actual layers to what goes on in this film, and actual depth to the character development and performances. Although the plot does indulge in the heightened excesses of its horror genre (at times it seemed to be keyed in at the level of a fairy tale, a point which is nodded to in the screenplay), the majority of this film maintains an admirable level of meaningful, lived-in realism, tackling everything from generational trauma to parental disappointment to bullying to gender identity and more in a nuanced and intriguing way.

I guess what I'm saying is that so many low budget horror movies are full of hackneyed tropes, pitiful jump scares, predictable twists, and dialogue that was clearly typed by a screenwriter onto a page and then read aloud by an actor. This movie, however, is refreshingly vibrant in addition to being highly entertaining. The camerawork is likewise skillful, and although I wouldn't say this movie is actually scary--not by a long shot--it is quite suspenseful.

Plus, I gotta give extra credit to any movie with the audacity to execute its action climax with its boy star wearing the costume that Luke Prael does here.

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