Blown Away


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Jeff Bridges as James 'Jimmy' Dove / Liam McGivney
Tommy Lee Jones as Ryan Gaerity
Forest Whitaker as Anthony Franklin
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Bomb Squad Class Member
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

so many bombs

Terrorist Ryan Gaerity (Tommy Lee Jones) escapes from Castle Gleigh Prison in Northern Ireland and manages to get to Boston. Lt. Jimmy Dove (Jeff Bridges) is a family man and a member of the Boston police bomb squad. He's also secretly Liam McGivney and Gaerity's former follower. He had tried to stop Gaerity's bomb which killed civilians and got Gaerity arrested 20 years ago. The only other person who knows the secret is Dove's uncle Max O'Connor (Lloyd Bridges). Anthony Franklin (Forest Whitaker) is one of Dove's bomb technician student.

There are some broad Irish and Boston accents. It is generally overwrought and not that compelling. Dove/McGivney is not that compelling either. Tommy Lee Jones is a cartoon villain. His Irish accent makes it even worst. There are some interesting bomb scenarios but it doesn't have intensity. It's hard to care about these characters. It doesn't have any fun and it has too many silly elements to be taken seriously.

Reviewed by juneebuggy 8 / 10

Bad accents aside this is a decent thriller

Pretty good movie. This one kept me entertained and was better than I expected. Superb cast in Jeff Bridges as a Boston demolition expert with a past and Tommy Lee Jones, his former colleague and recent prison escapee from Ireland aiming to settle an old score.

The story is exciting and I liked the set up which covered a significant period of time; Tommy escaping prison and setting himself up in America, Bridges displaying his reckless on the job attitude then getting engaged, married and aiming to retire to teaching. Time passes before Tommy starts taking out members of the team. It was also excellent to see Lloyd Bridges here even if he does play a silly sort of character with a bad accent but nice father/son dynamic.

On that note just about everyone in this has a terrible accent, Forest Whitaker is the new "hero" on the bomb squad trying to do a Boston accent, Tommy Lee Jones does a fantastic job as the bad guy but his Irish fades in and out, he seems to be relishing playing this character though, making bombs out of toys, dancing to U2, just maniacal and crazy enough to be super entertaining, funny bad guys are the best.

I wouldn't so much call this an action movie as a thriller, there are lots of exciting moments with car ignitions, oven switches and light cords where you are meant to think the bomb is going to go off any second. Several cases of Bridges riding his Harley around town super fast causing sparks to fly, Tommy stalking his victims is a bit creepy. The final showdown in the abandoned casino boat is well done. Ultimately decent enough for an 89 action movie 2/3/16

Reviewed by mperry35 10 / 10

Great action flick

I have loved this film ever since the first time I saw it, several years ago. It is way better than the average 6 out of 10 score it received. First of all, the actors are what really make the film so much better than it might be with a different cast. Anytime you have a Tommy Lee Jones, Jeff Bridges, Lloyd Bridges & Forrest Whitaker u are going to have a good product & be positively entertained. Secondly, it's a very solid plot that is not confusing or difficult to follow. Thirdly, it's got just the right amount of action scenes. Too many action scenes can sometimes take away from the talented actors that make up the my humble opinion. Lastly, I found the soundtrack to be very very good. I have seen thousands of movies in my life and there are some flicks that go from good or pretty good to great because of the score or soundtrack. I think the soundtrack in Blown Away worked beautifully. Don't misunderstand me, I am not suggesting that this is a life changing Oscar Award winning caliber movie, at all. However, this is a very good action movie that is highly entertaining. If u like movies like Speed, Die Hard, Face/Off, Deja Vu, etc then Blown Away is right up your alley. You won't be disappointed.

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