Blood Rage


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 1822


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Ted Raimi as Condom Salesman
Louise Lasser as Maddy
Brad Leland as Drive-in Boy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mpaulso 7 / 10

"That's not cranberry sauce..."

"That's not cranberry sauce..."

Blood Rage has some GREAT kill scenes and practical effects (machete through the back) and it's filled with 1980's nostalgia from the can-opener beer cans, drive in movies, old video games and short shorts.

I was really tempted to give this movie 4 stars. It has a cool unique story of a brother who framed his twin brother for a murder he committed and when his brother breaks out of the mental institution he see an opportunity for another killing spree to frame his brother and get him thrown back in the mental institution again.

Reviewed by phanthinga 9 / 10

Forgotten slasher flick

Blood Rage or Slasher(I know right) is a slasher movie from 1987 that i think is seriously underrated for how good and tragic it is.A woman and her boyfriend are having a good time in the drive in theater while one of her twin son go slice a man to death with an axe.The big twist is after doing that he than blame all the crime to his other brother and live a happy live while the innocence one get treat like a sicko.I have to give credit to Mark Soper for played the twin role really convincing when he can switch from a shy weird guy to a full on psychopath.Louise Lasser as the mom also very good tho she often go a little bit over the top with some line.The kills are absolutely awesome it very bloody and gory even for some off screen kills it still manage to show the gory aftermath.The movie very enjoyable and better than you average slasher flick with the heartbroken ending so check out if you have time

Reviewed by David Marcos 7 / 10

Entertaining Thanksgiving Slasher

For some reason, there aren't all that many Thanksgiving-themed slasher flicks, but Blood Rage will definitely quench one's thirst for a decent one. It's easily the best out of the ones that are available (certainly way better than Home Sweet Home).

The story is full of twists, mistaken identities, drunken mothers, evil twins, and a whole lot of delicious soap operatics sprinkled in between a series of remarkably bloody and brutal murder set pieces. The acting, besides an inspired (and strange) turn by Louise Lasser, is mostly decent if unmemorable. The real star here is the special makeup effects which range from cheesy to disturbingly realistic.

The pacing can drag a bit here and there, but slasher and camp lovers should be more than satisfied with this one. The Arrow Blu-Ray release is the best way to go. The movie has never looked so good (and probably never will.)

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