Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 3.8 10 1332


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Susie Abromeit as Ellen
Christopher Lloyd as Mayor Akerman
Zack Ward as Will
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexandriadziura 2 / 10

Oh Jeez

I only downloaded and watched this movie because of Zack Ward. But I couldn't bear to watch any other scene without him in it, it really seemed that he was the only one that actually was good at acting out of the entire cast. I'll at least give this a two because I really love him. It also made me mad that they didn't give him a role as the main character, come on people! Give my boy some love and give him the role of the main character. If you love Zack Ward just watch the scenes that include him, but if you don't really know who he is don't watch this awful film.

Reviewed by Maya Matlynn 1 / 10

Absolute Garbage

If 0 were possible id rate it that. The CGI is absolute garbage and the only scar thing about it was that an amazing actress such as Shannen Doherty wasted her time on this sh*t when she could've been off trying to bring back Chamred. I do not and never will understand how this movies flame was provided enough oxygen to burn and live

Reviewed by Isaac Wolter 10 / 10

A pretty darn good comedy.

A great comedy feature that was filmed excellently and is even better when watched in 3-D. To add 3-D capability, go out to lake Michigan and swim into the lake a bit and become bait. Its really grand, trust me. The movie was all and all good. It was hilarious when the weed whacker whacked up all those dang lamprey fools! It was stupendous. Being from the Gambia it cost me a great deal to get to Michigan to see it in 3-D, but it was completely worth it. I sincerely suggest that every human goa nd enjoy this movie. My dog and my son really enjoyed it, the wife not as much as she was attacked by lampreys at the age of 4, but the rest of us loved it. I loved the movie. A great movie, would recommend for young children and in 3-D. Enjoy away my Blood Suckers.

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