Blood Feast


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Reviewed by tdrish 4 / 10

I've been dying to review this one!

Blood Feast. 1963. I wasn't even a twinkle in my parents eyes. So. With that said, let's get on with our review. Hey, you can't knock Blood Feast! A budget of under 25 grand, and you even got a Playboy babe in the film? Where else, folks, where else? Pennies pissed into production, and you made millions off this massive hunk of sh*t. Genius, Herschell. Genius! We lost our director in 2016, the mad slasher year of several talented celebrities. While Herschell may have been known as the underground horror giant of several films, such as this and 20,000 Maniacs, his movies have earned him a cult following...and remains that status to this very day. This film proves my theory true about film, both classic and modern: Just because a movie didn't make money at the box office doesn't mean it's not any good. And, in the example of Blood Feast, just because the movie made money...does not mean you have made anything to be proud of. The movie boasts to be a horror movie. However, it is not. It's more of a mystery. All the victims are female, and missing certain body parts. Leg. Eye. Oh! That eye! To put a stop to this killer, a detective must figure out why this killer is doing what he is doing. Well, you better get to work quickly, because this movie is only an hour and ten minutes long! Not much of an investigation. And, really, come on...IMDB actually spoils the mystery part, and tells you why he is doing this, in the sypnosis. Great! Now you don't have to watch it, you already know. However, I know there is a following for 60's, 70's, and 80's trash films...I review these films respectively, however, am not a big fan of them. If this is your kind of thing, you may want to give Blood Feast a fair shake, but I, on the other hand, steer clear of it. I only watched it all the way through, to find out, how they off the killer out of the picture! So many ways to do it. Bullet to the head, knife to the throat, push him down an elevator shaft, set him on fire, you know, something good like that. However, the way that he is so drop dead funny, and I want to tell you, but I am still laughing just thinking about it. Watch it! Fast forward to the ending if you have to. Watch him die....just the last ten minutes! Heh heh! Turns this mystery horror movie into a comedy!

Reviewed by stephenabell 7 / 10

The Wizard Of Gore Gets Gory...

Director Herschell Gordon Lewis is definitely the wizard of gore as this film attests. Though this film was shot in 1963 and the special effects were just starting to bloom, Lewis knew he could get away without showing too much by coating everything in gallons of fake blood.

It's this overabundance of the sticky red stuff that placed Lewis into the hearts of all the horror lovers out there - myself included,

Here you have an Egyptian Caterer, who is really a follower of an Egyptian Goddess he is trying to bring back to life by carrying out an Egyptian "Blood" Feast. This consists of taking body parts from numerous beautiful women... a heart here, a brain there. These are to be devoured at the feast and when a willing sacrifice is given to the Goddess she will arise once more...

Lewis does a pretty decent job of keeping the pace of the story flowing throughout the film, keeping the audience interested. The acting is standard and the only two outstanding characters are Mal Arnold who overacts the hell out of the killer Fuad Ramses and helps make the film more distinctive, and lovable in a B-Movie kind of way. Though, Gene Courtier as Tony the boy on the beach is really annoying and detracts from the film.

If you want a romp through a slayerfest then you will like this tongue- in-cheek horror film.

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg 9 / 10

Herschell Gordon Lewis, RIP

Herschell Gordon Lewis recently died, so I decided to watch one of his movies. I rented his most famous one. "Blood Feast" is known as the "Citizen Kane" of splatter films, and so Lewis is known as the man who launched the genre. Let's just say that it doesn't pretend to be anything that it isn't. Without a doubt, it took guts to get this made (pun intended). It looks tame by today's standards. You may have seen it referenced in John Waters's "Serial Mom" (the son makes a poster saying BLOOD FEAST and the principal complains about it).

All in all, it's an enjoyable movie. For one with such a small budget, it was well made, with the sound properly recorded (contrast it with the MST3K-riffed "Manos: the Hands of Fate"). Nice, brainless fun.

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