Blood Diner


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Reviewed by meddlecore 7 / 10

A Twisted Culty Cheese Fest Done Right!

Two brothers are working to awaken the soul of an ancient goddess- the Goddess of Immorality- named Shitar.

They are doing this to fulfill the dying mission of their serial killer uncle- or, well, for the brain of their uncle...which they keep in a jar and communicate with telepathically.

First, they need to fashion Shitar a body...compiled of pieces, taken from women of immoral standing.

Then, they need the necessary components for a blood sacrifice. Mostly the internal organs of sluts, and a virgin for Shitar to consume during the blood feast.

So...they set it up...a Lemurian feast...the first one in 5 million years...and they invite all the vegetarians of ill repute they can find.

Even though the brothers were putting the bodies of the women they killed in their food, and selling it as vegetarian food at their diner.

The blood feast is actually pretty bad ass.

I was expecting less from what leads up to it...which is an absolute cheese fest. But it does have it's charm- in a Peter Jackson meets Henenlotter sort of way. All the characters are purposefully over-acted. Giving the whole thing a surreal vibe. And there's lots of gore! It's really budget...sometimes humorously so, but it works. And when it counts...the special effects are excellent.

I really think director Jackie Wong sets you up to be disappointed- with all the cheese- only to blow you away with the kickass character at the end! Sure, it's not wholly original. But it's still pretty awesome.

I really enjoyed this film. It's a twisted, culty cheese-fest done right! And it's a helluva lot of fun.

Definitely worth a watch.

6.5 out of 10.

Reviewed by a_baron 2 / 10

Blood Diner

Oh boy, who came up with this turkey? It begins with the suicide by cop of a deranged individual who is resurrected by his two nephews, well, his head is. The suicide was clearly planned in advance, this is all part of a nefarious scheme dating back thousands of years, a scheme whose completion requires human blood, and a few other things.

What else do we have? Well, the villains of the piece are clearly not the sharpest knives in the drawer, the cops are moronic, but not all of them, one lady detective is too feisty for her own good and makes the mistake of entering the diner where the villainous brothers are based without a warrant or back up, a fatal mistake, well nearly fatal in her case, but there is no shortage of dead damsels herein. And a few dead guys.

Is this film really a comedy? That remains to be seen, fortunately it has one strength, it is relatively short at around 72 minutes.

Reviewed by FoundSelbyVane 5 / 10

Woman won

2 for all beauty survived slaughter. 2 for fusion of black and white. 1 for vitamin C and death of drug users/dealers and Nazis. besides, I have to commend the porno scene in this film, which makes the whole film looks not so tedious to watch. The reason why I use singular is that only one scene that happens in kitchen was erotic enough. There are a lot of boring scenes in this movie, the most monotonous one is that one of leading actor driving car and running over a fat guy over and over again, while the victim keeps survived from it. It looks like the director wants to create a kind of humour by comparing the undead fat guy to the other fragile victims, whose head can be chopped off by one gentle broom, or one exaggerated action of slice makes whole body breaks into two. No matter what, I finished this film,and as a part of remnant of horror film impression of my childhood, it turns out much more neat than what I had in mind. Don't know whether it's a good or bad decision for me to dug it out, with satisfy and depression, I goes to bed, ready to dream about the black cop and the white tribute girl.

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