Blood Diamond


Action / Adventure / Drama / History / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
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Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer
Jennifer Connelly as Maddy Bowen
Michael Sheen as Rupert Simmons
Djimon Hounsou as Solomon Vandy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 8 / 10

The Corrupted Heart of A Single Fighting Man

Movie Review: "Blood Diamond" (2006)

Producer Graham King and Paula Weinstein assured an exclusive U.S. release in December 2006 in favors of this controversial action-thriller with an African-Civil-War on raw as human-sweat-and-blood-demanding Diamond-conflicted backdrop in exceptional-shot village as city of Sierra Leone day-time rebel raids, when the audience journeys with leading actor Leonardo DiCaprio as excellently-written character of black-trading mercenary Danny Archer, who must fight through heavy bullet-storms, a thick jungle scenario as human conflicts all around him, with alibis-sharing supporting actor Dijomon Hounson as escaping violated countryside villager reaching London lobbyist's meetings, when female lead Jennifer Connelly as conflict-story-hunting Maddy Bowen rounds up a completely-suspense-accelerating picture directed by Edward Zwick that finds close nerve-striking encounters toward the director's best works "Glory" (1989) featuring Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington as "Last Samurai" (2003) starring Tom Cruise, open for revisits due to constantly moving story of what natural resource exploitation does to the human condition.

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Reviewed by mundhra_mayank 9 / 10

TIA: This Is Africa

A story about the violence over resources in the worst affected continent of the world, the film is great in capturing the nerve of everything that is wrong in Africa by means of characters who are there for different reasons.

The story revolves around the main characters who represent the different agents at work in Sierra Leone, a country on the brink of a coup by extremists. The movie begins with Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) who is captured by the extremists as a worker to mine for diamonds. The warlords buy guns by selling these diamonds to Dicaprio (Danny Archer) who is a smuggler in cahoots with the diamond industry and the army. Djimon comes across a huge diamond which Dicaprio gets interested. Meanwhile Maddy Bowen(Jennifer Connelly) is a journalist following the story of blood diamonds and gets involved in the whole mess.

This is a great movie from director Edward Zwick, who is successful in portraying the alternate views on Africa through the characters. Here's my 5 points:

1. The central thing to Blood Diamond is the characters. Both Djimon and Dicaprio were nominated to the Academy awards and rightly so. Dicaprio does a South African accent an you love everytime he says "bru". He jus plays a smooth badass smuggler who knows how to deal with the government, the army and the bandits. Djimon on the other hand plays a very strong character who is looking to reunite with his family. The actors have their heart in the characters they are playing and they seem very realistic.

2. Dialogues are seldom great in movies not based on books, but not blood diamond. A movie dealing with such a serious topic, with characters who so strongly believe in their version of Africa, has to be driven by great dialogues. All the violence around them has shaped not just heir beliefs but also their view of the world which is reflected in the words they speak, like when Dicaprio says "God has long ago forsaken this land." Watch this once more just for the dialogues.

3. Zwick does a great directorial job. Had this movie not involved so much of violence, right from the start to the end, this could have very well been a great adventure movie. The characters are constantly on the run through a maze of army and terrorists to reach the diamond, seems like a plot for a video game. And during all this there is the recurrent theme of Djimon trying to be a family man he is supposed to be. Zwick does keep the flame of positivity alive by using this angle.

4. Music wise, the movie is awesome. They did not try to get a very African type of music which often is the case with movies based in Africa. That would have suited a movie based on African culture. Here the role of the music and background score was the aid the narrative, not be the narrative itself. Blood diamond got 2 Academy Award and one Grammy nomination for the sound and you know why when you watch this. It changes its tone as the movie changes its tone very beautifully, as the movie shifts gears from violence to action to emotions in a matter of seconds.

Over all, the movie is great if you're in mood for some power packed performances and action. Watch it on with a set of big headphones on!

Reviewed by mxsuba26 9 / 10

DeCaprio shines

Not a major fan of DeCaprio but he nailed the role of a disgruntled Rhodesian soldier who served in Breytenbach's 32 Battalion in South Africa. His accent is spot-on Afrikaans as is his use of regional slang including grunts in response to others comments and his mannerisms including the way he holds a cigarette. His greed for the diamond and disrespect of the black man last almost until his bitter end. He is not a likable character. I former soldier who wants off the blood soaked continent and will walk over anyone to attain it.

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