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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Bella Thorne as Hilary
Drew Barrymore as Lauren
Terry Crews as Nickens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rich-320 10 / 10

Sandler Barrymore Fan

Definitely worth the time to watch it. These two have done a few movies together and they always have good chemistry. Sure, it's formulaic. But, they're both seasoned actors, and able to be convincingly relatable. The usual Sandler suspects populate the cast, along with a few surprises. I watched this on HBO, and was interrupted a half hour into it. I decided to watch it all the way through, from the beginning, later in the night. Glad I did.

Reviewed by www_dot_tmcc 8 / 10

Screw you guys, I like it!

What's wrong with the occasional feel- good movie? I think Adam Sandler shines when he's working with kids, and in these troubling times, I appreciate that he seems to be dedicated to making movies that have the general theme of "just have fun being a decent person." I respect him so much more now than I ever did during the SNL/Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore days.

Reviewed by charlesvine-75968 8 / 10

One of Adam Sandler's better films

I had never been much of an Adam Sandler film fan. Most of his earlier films seemed sophomoric and I didn't care for them. Blended, however, is pretty well done.

There appears to be an on screen chemistry between Sandler and Drew Barrymore, although she has vehemently denied it. The story line, while humorous, has a romantic appeal to it. Two people who don't like each other at all, come together at the end with the help of their children.

I was especially impressed with the performance by a young Bella Thorne. I hadn't seen her before.

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