Bleeding Heart


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 1612


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Edi Gathegi as Dex
Joe Anderson as Cody
Zosia Mamet as Shiva
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

straight forward

Yoga teacher May (Jessica Biel) approaches Shiva (Zosia Mamet) with news that they share a biological mother. Shiva was a foster kid after their mother died when she was 12. Her pimp boyfriend Cody is volatile and abusive. May starts to fear for Shiva and invites her to her adoptive mother (Kate Burton). May's boyfriend Dex is angry that she gave Shiva $1000 for rent. After getting out of jail, Cody threatens Shiva but she returns to him anyways.

This moves rather slowly and deliberately. I kept waiting for a surprise twist. I have at least three in mind but this movie just kept plowing ahead. It's like watching someone willingly walk into a buzzsaw. One questions the character. The movie needs to lay out May's life more clearly and give her a greater motivation. I don't know much about writer/director Diane Bell but she shows a bit of skills. The acting is solid. Everybody shows up. This does need something more and I'm not sure what.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 6 / 10

Getting into trouble for lending a hand to only family.

It was actually a better film than I thought. But it should have been even better. Written and directed by a woman filmmaker and that revolves around two women. When a Yoga instructor makes contact with her sister for the first time since coming to know her existence, does not go well. At first, it was casual, but after observing her closely, she offers help in any way possible. That's when all the trouble comes out and the remaining film is to reveal how the tale concludes.

For a small film like this, including its short runtime, this film does not look boring. I said that because of the concept that you might feel familiar. There are twists and turns, yet most of the film is predictable, but not bad for watching it once. The cast, particularly Jessica Biel looked good, but the other woman contributed in the performance section. Started off like a drama, but ends with thriller. The film is not for everyone. Those who don't watch films regularly might find it interesting than film critics and film fanatics.


Reviewed by bjarias 6 / 10

..totally the real deal..

..she really is impressive.. would be so easy to take the obvious way out and do the tried and true big-money course of Hollywood.. in this film we see yet another time how good an actor she truly is.. and it is great to behold.. it is no revelation it would be extremely hard to disguise how incredibly gorgeous she is.. but her acting talent just adds to her impressive allure.. how hard must it be to have had this woman in your grasp, and to completely loose it and let her go.. what an ordeal to have to bear.. this little film is mostly subtlety her, and it is worth the time spent watching.. she can do pretty much whatever she wants, but to her credit she looks for script/ character challenges.. bravo Jessica..

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