Blast from the Past


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Charlie Roberts 4 / 10

Cute and OK

This is probably one of those movies that gets made as part of a contract fulfillment . . . not because it is a story that _must be told._

There is nothing really new nor groundbreaking here. Competent performances portraying only mildly "attractive" characters. Time- filler at best.

Reviewed by ziggy-6 5 / 10

ridiculous premise and plot but comedy at least charming

Seeing some of these idiot reviews makes me understand how people voted for Trump and keep TV shows on the air and make Kardashians wealthy and believe Foxnews is close to being news

Just a few ridiculous premises... 1. no radio in the shelter? 2. no phone to contact relatives either during the stay or once they return to the surface?? 3. not one trip to a library or school to research the past 35 years?? 4. just a few hours of watching TV in his hotel would have wised him up to modern times ?? 5. stocks went up even in the 50's ...why not be aware they'd be worth much more now ??

if you put logic aside...the movie becomes slightly believable...I emphasize slightly

there's been plenty of TV shows/movies made already that dealt with the "fish out of water" scenario when living in a different time period ..either past or "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" "Hot Tub Time Machine" "Back to the Future" 1,2,3 etc. watch one of those

Reviewed by scr555 9 / 10

Blast From the Past: A Funny Comedy With a Sweet Soul

Blast From the Past is one of those films that succeeds on every level. The script and direction work in concert with a superb cast to tell a touching and original story about a man raised in a fallout shelter who has to cope with life in America in the 1990s. Heading the cast is Brendan Fraser, who's pitch-perfect as naif Adam Webber, who's spent 35 years growing up in a fallout shelter after his father mistakenly assumes nuclear war broke out back in 1962. Fraser is wonderful, but so is everyone else in the cast. Alicia Silverstone has one of her best-ever roles as the cynical Eve, who reluctantly befriends Adam. Dave Foley is a delight as Eve's gay best friend, Troy. Equally impressive are Christopher Walken as Adam's brilliant but daffy father, and Sissy Spacek as Adam's sweet, long suffering mom. Even the smallest roles are well-acted, with special kudos to Joey Slotnik, Nathan Fillion, the two beautiful blondes Adam dances with in the nightclub scene, the deadpan grocery clerk at the meat counter, and the nutty guy Adam sits next to on his first bus ride. It's also got an unbeatable soundtrack, and a story that never loses steam until its sweetly ironic ending. It's also one of those rare comedies that doesn't have a mean moment in it. It's refreshingly sweet and achingly funny; a real winner that deserved the good reviews it got when it came out. It's one of those films whose reputation will only grow with time. Don't miss it.

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