Blair Witch


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
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Valorie Curry as Talia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kctx85 3 / 10

One of the most over-hyped letdowns of 2016.

So much for months of hype starting with The Woods trailer months ago which was eventually revealed to be this film.

You want scary? You won't find it here unless you've never seen one of the Insiduous/Paranormal Activity/Conjuring clones to come out in the past 5 years. It uses the exact same scare tactics that made those films so successful, bringing nothing but a completely derivative experience to the table.

This completely failed to capture anything that made the original such a disturbing experience. They replaced subtlety and dread with loud sound effects, jump scares, and video game glimpses of cliché figures.

Did you see VHS? Did you handle it well? Congrats, you'll have zero problems sitting through Blair Witch. The first segment of VHS and the religious cult segment of part 2 are both scarier than the entirety of this film.

The worst part is Wingard and his crew don't even attempt to bring any original story elements to the table. This is literally a rehash of the original story with more characters and a flying drone with updated cameras. And don't expect to have the experience enhanced by any of these.

It's funny that even with the new expanses in technology they still couldn't make this thing more interesting than something that was filmed with 1999 equipment.

This isn't a spiritual successor to The Blair Witch Project, it's a found footage jump scare film for millennials who loved VHS and Paranormal Activity. I'm stumped as to who this was even made for. Certainly not people who saw the original in 1999 like me. We're a little too old to fall for this shtick.

Reviewed by Cavox 2 / 10

Completely misses what the original was about.

Here I was, expecting a continuation to a truly scary "lost in the woods" simulator. What I received was a couple of American teenagers getting picked off one by one by the supernatural - as usual in low effort horrors.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) was good, because it was trying to be realistic. Heather, Josh and Michael for all their faults weren't lacking chromosomes, unlike the protagonists of the sequel/reboot.

James, Lisa, Ashley, Peter, Lane and Talia - each one of them makes 12 y.o children look like master tacticians. One terribly stupid decision follows another.

Let me kick around parts of my tent, because I'm a choleric who can't put it up in 5 minutes. Let me just go gather firewood alone, in the middle of the night, losing line of sight with the camp. Let me climb this tree, even though I could barely stand 10 minutes ago, because of the fever and leg wounds. See a creepy dolls hanging around? Oh, look at this one - not only it looks like a human being, but also it has some hair of this crying, scared out of her wits girl. I see no reason I shouldn't snap it in half, dealing with a witch and all.

When I saw the preparations - GPS, drones, portable radios I thought I was in for a great, well-written story that despite the wonders of technology will show how helpless a man can be versus nature (and a curse). I wasn't wrong about the last part, but I didn't expect the witch to be a REC-zombie rip-off walking EMP. You know that electronic devices known for their reliability in survival situations? They don't work anymore. Why? F*** you, that's why.

It's extremely hard to watch. I considered leaving the theater mid-session, because I felt insulted by just watching it, but I managed to endure it to the end.

I felt relief when the last survivor got picked off the same way her friend was few seconds ago. She SAW it happen and then she did the same thing herself nonetheless. "I'm free now" I thought "and nothing of value was lost".

The only reason I didn't grade it with 1 star, is because of my respect for Blair Witch Project (1999). Yeah, it started the whole 'found footage' fad, but it was original and scary for someone who lived near the woods for most of his life.

Reviewed by djdisko 10 / 10


Great follow up to The Blair Witch Project. Heathers brother and 5 friends head into the woods to see if he can find his sister. If you loved the original you will love this too. The pure creepiness of the woods and those scary stick figures and piles of stones only add to the tension. And the end is a nerve wrecking ending. Is Heather trapped there or not? The Rustin Parte house is even scarier now. Just pretend Book Of Shadows doesn't exist. Do you see the witch or not? I love how the movie starts then just speeds up as it goes along. Can't wait for the next movie in the franchise. I wish they would do a prequel. I think it would be great to show Elly Kedwards story.

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