Blade: Trinity


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Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King
Jessica Biel as Abigail Whistler
Parker Posey as Danica Talos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yolomcswaging 7 / 10

Good End to a Great Trilogy!

The Blade trilogy is a great set of movies and Blade: Trinity does a pretty good job at wrapping the series up.

Lets start off with the acting. The acting of this movie is nothing to rave about and is nothing extremely special. There a great performances from the cast and Dracula seemed threatening and imposing. The acting altogether was great from Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. Wesley Snipes actin at times seemed a bit wooden and stiff.. In the first Blade movie his acting was great and it slowly went down hill from there throughout the trilogy. When we get to this movie his acting doesn't seem like Wesley Snipes but all and seems like another actor altogether and not just at a handful of times.

The directing of this movie is alright but some choices that David S. Goyer made seemed odd and unfitting. Some of the transitions between scenes seemed off and poorly done as well which is a shame because the first two blade movies did this well. With David S. Goyer not only writing and directing it made the movie seemed stressful.

Now lets look at the character of Blade (Wesley Snipes) himself. Some action scenes seemed taking from him and handed to Abigail whistler (Jessica Biel). This was a shame because Blades action sequences always were the highlight of the movie. That being said the action sequences that we did get were compelling and entertaining and very, very well crafted. The humour of Blade that he had in the first two movies seemed taking from him as well. This time it was handed to Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds). I am not going to lye Ryan Reynolds is a great actor and handles jokes very well and he made me laugh multiple times in the movie. But because of this Blade had little to no humour left in him which was unfortunate.

The action sequences of the movie were incredible though. This movie had some of the best action sequences in the Blade trilogy. The action scenes handled the characters very well and made them look cool doing it. The ending fight with Dracula and Blade was gripping and we got to see Blade action. Unfortunately this was at the end of the movie though. It is one of the best endings to a super hero movie pre 2005 which is saying something.

The villain of this movie Dracula (Dominic Purcell) was a great villain. His scenes were intimidating and well made. The scene that I liked most with Dracula was the scene were he stalked the vampire hunters and killed them. This scene was intriguing and left you on the edge of your seat. I didn't feel much sadness for most of the characters that died though but the blind lady I did and her death was saddening and made me like the villain Dracula a little bit more. The reason for this is because we don't see many comic book villains that have the guts to do something that Dracula did on screen.

In conclusion this was a very good conclusion of the Blade Trilogy. The humour was great and the action scenes even better. But I did feel that David S. Goyer sort of lost contact with Wesley Snipes and the Blade character though leaving the main character in a strange way. But thanks to a compelling villain this balanced out and Dracula even outweighed the bad at times. With everything considered Blade: trinity gets a 7/10.

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 10 / 10

Great flim

Blade and Blade II are better movies. But still this a great movie. See it. It has great acting. Great story line. It is very scary.

Reviewed by jerrycoliver 3 / 10

This is really bad

This is the worst movie I may have ever seen. The lighting is decent and the CGI is very good for the time period (sans that initial shot in Syria) Everything else is just...just horrible.

Wesley Snipes doesn't seem to be in character for most of the movie (when you compare his acting/character to the previous 2 movies) The writing is just the worst. The directing is actually kind of average.

Even Parker Posey couldn't salvage this movie. Ryan Reynolds is average, I think he was still cutting his chops as an actor. Jessica Beil is what she is. Patton Oswald didn't get enough lines.

The best thing about this movie is the actors in it talking trash about this movie.

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