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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Wesley Snipes as Blade
Donal Logue as Quinn
Sanaa Lathan as Vanessa
Traci Lords as Racquel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pjtaylor-96-138044 7 / 10

It ice-skates uphill with style.

Pioneering the new-wave, near turn-of-the-21st-century superhero genre long before the films that usually get credit for it and also aiming for a much more mature audience, this kick-ass comic-book adaptation is an enjoyable ride throughout with an effortlessly cool central performance and an awesome knack for action. Its nineties stylings only occasionally come close to cheesy and its relatively generic plot isn't quite so much 'seen it before' as 'I can tell where it's going to go', but the hyper-energetic action set-pieces and confidently laid-back spirit are infectious in a surprising way. 7/10

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 10 / 10

Very scary.

This a great horror movie It has a lot of action. It has great story line. It also great acting. It one of the best movies ever. See it. Blade II is better. Still great movie. Very scary. were are there spoilers you silly computer

Reviewed by maxmages 7 / 10

So everyone who loves Twilight, will hate Blade.

In itself a super cool movie

Blade is definitely super cool money for the movie as well as for the main character. However, the film has little '90s troops that are quite outdated and take something out of the sails of the wind, the same goes for the' 90s CGI effects, but instead kicked 3 annoying action movie cliches as it should be.

I love to watch movies that stand out from the others. I love it when I do not know who in that time a surprisingly big part and I love R rated comic book adaptations (Blabe came first).

But there are many things about this movie that bother me, such as the constant shaky cam, is a tripod really that expensive? The back and forth intersect between the normal dialogues, not everything has to be presented excitingly high 10, because that makes the really exciting something bland. The main villain is just as old as muscular and looks as cool as the hero, so it would be better if he stings out more, especially as he is in a wheel full of old men who look like they are having children's souls to fight to the top as he represents the new kind and the new danger. Then do it too dangerously enough: if your rogue is not cool, then make him ... huge and scary, scary, super strong, diabolical, or at least entertaining enough that it does not interest you like boring.

Seriously Deacon Frost just does not say it out and behaved like that until the climax, I wonder why we and the ever wasting our time with him, at least if he was super pretty and always well-dressed, you could at least to conclude that he served only as their figurehead and that would explain his motivation but unfortunately no! Nothing like that!

Or we just change a few character traits and attributes in this movie because Frost's right hand, his asshole, was so nasty and so annoying that she always wanted to clap her hands when Blade missed one, her jokes were damned funny and his whole character so exhausting that you're just waiting to satisfy the feeling of salvation when he finally dies. (Unfortunately, a fight as well as his death like sex with a tuna can is painful, disappointing and totally anti-climactic.

But those are the mistakes in the script that was probably stretched to double length (with over 10 minutes of filler), an amateur music video editing and post credit scene which for some reason was inserted after a blackout but before the credits, there are only a few plot Holes in the bad plan but otherwise there is not much to find worthy in this movie.

The fights are exciting, so the characters are super interesting the whole movie has a cool look, only half of the movie is night city and even the scenes that take place at night are neatly photographed and lit up so you can see enough and that Film has enough stuntwork for about 50 trailers.

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