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Vonetta McGee as Tina / Luva
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robertmaybeth 7 / 10

Spoilers? Is that even possible with a movie like this?

This movie would have been notable for its title even if the rest of it were 90 minutes of static. Coming at a time when it did, of the beginnings of so-called "Blacksploitation" movies, it still managed to set the perfect touch as one of the first movies aimed mainly at a black audience.

It's impossible to take this movie seriously. The over-acting and silly violence is not really scary to an adult, and it managed to not lean too heavily on the black cast as, well, just a black cast - the movie would clearly be equally silly were all the actors white. In fact a similar "horror"-but-really-campy movie of the same era, and about the same genre is "Trog" - another ultra-low budget production of the time. And were you to put these movies side by side, "Blacula" would probably be the much more watchable of the two.

Watch it if you want to see '70's unintentional camp, if you want to see a period piece of media in the relatively primitive 1970's, or if you are a fan of any of the actors for some reason (William Marshall's only other notable role seems to have been as the "king of cartoons" on "Pee-wee's playhouse" - I just KNEW I'd seen him again in something.)

Reviewed by re-animatresse 9 / 10

'70s blaxploitation horror gold

from the title and trailer, i was expecting comedy, and the film does start out fairly campy but quickly assumes a more serious tone

director William Crain is, according to Wikipedia, 'one of the first black filmmakers from a major film school to achieve commercial success'. the screenplay by Joan Torres and Raymond Koenig, who evidently only ever wrote this film and its sequel, Scream Blacula Scream, is basically a retelling of Dracula set in Los Angeles in the early '70s. the film has the makings of a Gothic romance but with a funk soul atmosphere, driven by a lively rhythm and blues soundtrack composed by Gene Page

the acting is hit-and-miss, with excellent performances from Thalmus Rasulala as Dr. Gordon Thomas, the film's version of Van Helsing, and William Marshall in the title role. the police brutality (i.e, the brutality with which Mamuwalde, a.k.a. Blacula, handles the police when they get in his way) is great fun, and i love the animation sequence during the opening credits

if you haven't seen this, you should fix that. i'll definitely have to check out the sequel, which features Pam Grier in a leading role

Reviewed by GL84 9 / 10

A decent vampire guilty pleasure

Accidentally awakened in Los Angeles, an African Prince bitten by Count Dracula finds a young woman who is the reincarnation of his dead wife and woos her while leaving a trail of bodies in his path forcing them to stop the prince before she becomes his new bride.

This was pretty good and had a lot to like about it. One of the best parts of the film is the fact that, despite the goofy title, it's premise and threat are entirely straight. The vampire angle is never taken as a joke and the camp factor is toned down compared to others which might take a similar approach due to the subject matter for once. Hearing a few jokes throughout about the cape or the accents are perfectly fine considering that the threat the vampire poses are treated with respect and fear. Also quite refreshing is the lack of overt-blackness in the film that could damage it from being seen by a different audience. This could've been made with a different cast and still would be enjoyable. There's nothing in here that really distinguishes it from either crowd, and it is a major compliment to the film. It is also a decent action film at times as he attacks a large number of victims here, upping his fear factor quite highly as well. The initial sequence that turns him into a vampire is great fun with the initial brawl following the double-cross and his eventual entrapment, the later resurrection is quite thrilling and the vampire attack in the graveyard is a rather enjoyable sequence. Beyond these scenes, the fun of the lengthier scenes gives this a lot to like such as the ambush in the dark-room as the initial attack occurs out of nowhere and the ensuing change into a vampire is handled well, the slow-motion attack in the morgue also gets in a nice scare as the vampire thunders down the hall teeth bared, hair whacked out and screaming like a banshee coming out of nowhere as well as the vampire attack in the warehouse which is really effective as more and more vampires crawl out of the woodwork to constantly plague the heroes, and their frequent charges are pretty creepy. The manner of dealing with them is nicely handled, providing some real action and spectacle to the proceedings. The finale is quite nice, with a great police massacre revealing all manners of deaths for the police squad before the final revelation as the heroes come out into the sun, pulls the cape back revealing a slowly disintegrating head with maggots crawling in the smoldering eye sockets until all that's left is the skeleton. This wasn't all that bad of a film as there wasn't a lot here that didn't work. About the only issue is that the relationships aren't all that convincing. Knowing pretty early on that threat isn't right, which is wisely revealed later on, it's still a little hard to believe that the characters would go into the situations with the knowledge of what's going on. Rather than be a little standoff, there's a willingness to stay despite there being plenty of evidence to support the views. Being this and a bit of cheese, though, nothing much sticks out as being that wrong with it.

Rated R: Violence and Language.

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